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Friday, 7 June 2013

If Zelda Was Modern

Well Chu-ey's in recovery, it seems my Zapper could only cure the poison not heal the body.  So I thought while I wait I do another "What If?"  This one is slightly different seeing as though it was more or less something I been thinking about since I was a kid.   If you guys stuck with me since the beginning, you'd know I am a huge fan of Legend of Zelda................Now that I taken a moment to listen to agonizing screams of annoyance from non Zelda Fans this one is different from my analysis.  I been playing Zelda for a long time and I noticed a pattern.  Much of the Zelda universe takes place in a somewhat Medieval setting.  With the exception of Skyward Sword which did a futuristic/long ago setting and Spirit Tracks which used developing technology such as trains.  However the bulk of the series was often, knights, horses and swords.  One thing that always stems me was what if the characters of the series were warped in the modern times.  Their weapons and powers would be the same, but how would they fit in if Hyrule was all gone and the real world countries formed and took over.  Now I did a few pics, because I thought I would try to improve my drawing ability.  But essentially this is my take on the matter.  These are only a few and over time I will add more.

 The Korkiri race would still be around, but they adopted a new way of life.  They become Hippies dedicated to the preservation of their forest.

Link will have been a hybrid between a lone biker and a Highlander-like swordsman dedicated to Courage and truth.

The fairies of the forest will be miniature robots that could lock on to targets. However they are still annoying.

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