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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

S.T. Skits #7: Fan Ship Point Counter Point

A little explanation to those that just tuned in.  A long time ago I did a web comic which had a fictional version of me going on adventures and testing out theories based around my CIEIR.  All the other characters, save for myself were completely fictional.  For those that don't wanna reach back to 2013 and read it (I don't blame you because I can't draw for shit.)  There was an origination dedicated to destroying fiction and all branches including Defictionalization.  That's where fictional S.T. comes in to stop them.  Anywho the counter point in this one is based off of a character in my webcomic named Natalie a former Riffin Member turned CIEIR member, that helps me a long the way.  As for this skit,  I love shipping, I just find it fascinating how creative fans can be with their respective mediums, so as both a tribute to this and old SNL I decided to do a Point/Counter Point for it.  I couldn't hire any actors for the other characters portrayed so I fiddled around with the pitch for certain voices.  Enjoy. 

This is meant to be comical so any real shippers that get offended, I apologize.

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