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Saturday, 3 August 2013


Yu-gi-oh had a rather interesting story.  It started out as the Japanese equivalent to Saw, but then degraded to nothing but solving every single problem with card games.  When I first watched this show,  like many others I watched the 4kids version of the original show.  However I often considered Season 0 or the Manga to be a lot better. This franchise had it's fair share of shows, movies and video games.  As well as something that set off the defection detector of this site.

The story begins with Yugi Mutou (Moto in the english dub.)  a quiet lonely teenager that's constantly bullied by Jonoucuhi (Joey)  and Honda (Tristan.).  His only friends being Anzu (Tea) whom he has a crush on and his grandfather. He also holds a dark secret in which he is putting together an ancient puzzle box known as the Millennium Puzzle, in hopes that he would use it's dark powers to grant his wishes.  However, Jonouchi steals one of the pieces and tosses it in the an aquaduct.  Ushio, the hall monitor beats them up for Yugi despite his protests and claim that they are friends.  This causes Jonouchi to have a change of heart and he gets the last piece of the puzzle.  This unleashes a darker side of Yugi who challenges Ushio to a Shadow Game, where the loser or cheater is subject to a harsh penalty. 

The original format goes like so, Yugi or a friend of his ends up in danger, Yugi tries to help and gets beaten for his troubles,  his dark side. (Later known as Yami/Atem) bails them out by engaging them in a supernatural version of the game of the week. To be honest I liked that premis better than the same recycled card game crap.  Yu-Gi-Oh literally means king of games, not just card games but all games.

Now for the fun part Could It Exist In Real Life?

First let's start with the Shadow Games,  not much to say, but they are nothing more than Supernaturally enhanced versions of real life games.  From Digital Pets, to Chess and even Card Games.  As well as some of the more brutal games that Yami dishes out.

Next is the millennium items. While the Items themselves do not exist the concept does.  The Millenium Items were originally created to punish thieves stupid enough to try to rob the graves of the pharaoh.  These exist in the form of booby traps and some items laced with poisons and hallucinogens that could lead the thieves to believe that they were cursed.  Howard Carter's men learned that the hard way when they dug up Tut.

Last but not least is the concept of Duel Monster Cards. This exists in two ways.  One the cards are ordinary playing cards that are still around to this day.  The other is something I just found.  A video on youtube by Kaintheheartbreaker.  He created a protoype augmented reality designed to literally recreate the monsters through the same concept Seto Kaiba did through the use of holograms.

Now as usual, debate, argue and let me know what I missed.  Stay Tuned For More.


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