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Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Blob

What started out as the movie that sparked Steve McQueen's career, became a B movie phenomena that rivaled Evil Dead.  The Blob has had 2 movies, 1 remake that was more horrifying than the original and an upcoming one.  But what is the Blob? Whatever it is we should all beware.

The story happens like so, a meteor crash lands on to earth and releases an alien jelly like substance that consumes life upon contact.  Only Steve, his girlfriend and his gang of juvenile delinquents know about it, but the townspeople believe it to be a hoax. As the substance gets bigger with each person and animal it eats, the gang must find a way to stop it before it consumes the world.

Now for the scary part, Could It Exist In Real Life.  The answer is yes.  But the scary part is that it's not in space it could be found in our own planet.  The Blob is an Amoeba, a one celled organism,  The good news though is that it's microscopic in size and doesn't get bigger as it just splits in 2 when it eats too much food. Or does it?

We all know James Cameron be it through his movies such as Terminator, Abyss and Avatar.  What very few know until South Park pointed it out was that Cameron had an interest in deep sea diving.  During his most famous trip down the Marianas Trench, Cameron discovered a field of what he described as Giant Amoebas.  Now before you start panicking reader, know this.  While Cameron found a way to get down to the trench, anything that deep can not come up to the water without exploding due to the difference in water pressure. So rest assured the Blob is real, but it won't get you.  How they didn't get Cameron though is a mystery to me, but good thing. Otherwise we wouldn't have a chance at Terminator getting it's Dignity back.

As usual, Debate, Argue and Let Me Know What I Missed. Stay Tuned For More and Beware The Blob.

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