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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Straight Up Reviews #6: Frailty

Frailty is a rather underrated movie in my opinion very few know about this movie unless either you were watching it late on TV, in Film Class or if you had Netflix watched it at your discretion.  Over the years I did all three with the latter being recent.  The first time I watched it, was on TV a long time ago when I was very young.  I caught it half way and could barely understand some of it.  The second time I watched it while I was in my highschool film class. My teacher showed me few hints that it was done on a very low budget by today's movie standards, something I didn't notice until then.  The third time was just this morning an hour and a half before I started writing this review.   I wanted to see if like the Sixth Sense, anything was given away at the beginning but you'd only notice it upon seeing the twist ending.  Some of it was and some of it was hidden very well.

The movie itself starred and was directed by Bill Paxton, who any more nostalgic readers would know by this following phrase "Game over man game over WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO NOW!?"  Yep Private Hudson directed his very first horror movie.  This movie was met with modest success, but was well praised by such greats as James Cameron, Sam Raimi and Stephen King.  So what would I say about it that could top that.   Well I can offer you my personal critique on the matter.  Unlike my other Straight Ups, this one may contain spoilers.  If you haven't seen the movie I suggest you turn on your Wii/PS3/Xbox and start watching it.

The Story goes like so, Fenton Mieks approaches the FBI Texas Branch, claiming to provide information on the whereabouts of the "God's Hand Killer."  Upon arriving he laments to Agent Wesley Doyle, that his brother Adam is the culprit, but the story goes beyond said killings.  It all started in the 70s when Adam and Fenton were kids, their father (Who is Nameless in the film) claimed he was contacted by God and an Angel.  He said that they tasked him into hunting Demon's in a secret war between heaven and hell.  Adam instantly believes Father Mieks, but Fenton is skeptical.  He learns much to his horror that the "Demons" were regular people that the father abducted and slain with an axe named OTIS.  Fenton wants to stop and tries and fails resulting in the death of the local Sheriff, whom unlike the others, the father regrets killing.  It is then and there the father tells Fenton that he is also a demon.  However refusing to believe such a thing, the Father locks him in the cellar in hopes Fenton would have a godly vision.  Which he does and he seems ready to join the hunt. However when capturing the recent "Demon" Fenton instead kills his father, forcing Adam to finish the job.  To show evidence Fenton takes Doyle to the Rose Garden where the "Demon" Bodies are buried.  It is then and there he reveals the truth, he is really Adam Mieks.  Fenton really was a demon and became "The God's Hand Killer." Doyle was pursuing.  To make maters worse, not only are the demon's real demon's but Doyle was one of them, his sin: stabbing his mother to death.  Adam slays him in the end finishing what his father started.

Now I was originally gonna do a CIEIR on this, but there was too many obvious things I pointed out in other ones.  For example Dad Mieks being able to see the Demon's crimes was Psychometry. 

This movie I gotta say is very good and it does leave you wondering "What the hell just happened?"  Paxton is great as always at making us believe he was a fanatic psychopath before we find out the truth. And let's just say after watching crappy movies like say Ghosts of Girlfriend's past, you would never believe that Mathew McConaughey could act at all until you see this.  Because of partially his youthful appearance, I didn't even know it was him until it was pointed out to me. Plus if it's a movie approved by 3 of the greatest influences of movie making and horror who could argue with that?

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay Tuned For More.

P.S. Osama Bin Laden makes a cameo in this movie, try to guess where.

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