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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Straight Up Reviews #9: Breaking Bad: Felina

Ok first of all I did not watch the entire series, however as I speak I am gonna go episode after episode to catch up to this.  Second of all I shall warn you.  Not only where they'll be spoilers, but there may be bad grammar and coarse language.  Because I am so fucking excited about this I might screw up.  Since odds are friends of mine who hasn't seen this show are gonna be reading this so I am gonna block out any spoiling test.  Be warned if you haven't seen the show, do not highlight over the blocks.  Like this.

For those who don't know what the hell I am talking about I'll give you a brief summary of the series.  In Albuquerque New Mexico, there lives a chemistry teacher named Walter White.  He is a mild mannered citizen with a loving wife, a snarky, but well meaning son who has cerebral palsy and a baby on the way.  His life seems complete, until around his 50th birthday.  He discovers he has lung cancer. Which not only means he is gonna die, but his impending death will leave his family in financial ruin.  During a ride-a-long with his DEA brother in law Hank, he discovers a former student of his: Jesse Pinkman is a cook/dealer in Methamphetamines aka Crystal Meth.  Rather than turn him in, Walter propositions Jesse for a partnership and cooks up a brand new batch.  This specific batch turns out to be the purist stuff on the market.  It is then and there that Walt and Jess go from two bit dealers, to the most well known well feared criminals in all of New Mexico.  However not all is good for Walt has to keep his secret life a...well secret from his family.  To make matters worse, Hank is in pursuit of the man responsible for the drugs and the crimes surrounding them.  He doesn't even know he is closer than he thinks.  This also sparks a change in Walt's personality as he goes from a loving family man, to an cold, ruthless crime lord.

Now I am only reviewing Felina because that is by far the best ending to a series to date and I'll tell you why.  It not only ties up the recent loose ends of the season, from Walt reconciling with his Wife Skyler, to destroying the Neo-Nazi Dealer's compound freeing Jesse from his....well what should I call it.  I guess the perfect thing to call it would be a Modern Day Equivalent to a concentration camp.  Even killing Lydia with the Ricin.  That was the icing on the cake for me because I hated that bitch.  I mean Walt and Sky were no fucking saint's themselves, but because of Lydia three men threatened a mother and a baby.  And the best part is, Lyd-bitch gets it worse than the others.  Though the others got it pretty bad.  You knew that M60 was gonna be used one way or another even if Walt gets' caught in the crossfire.  Anyway I ramble on.  The other loose ends get tied throughout all the seasons too.  Walt finally finds a way to give his family the money he intended, Skyler is finally free of prosecution, Walt risks it all to save Jesse and best part is, the cancer doesn't get him in the end.  I guess you could say this was Walt's Bizarro Doc Holliday moment.

All and all it not only gives solid answers rather than just pull a Sopranos and end in mid sent-----   Wow where the fuck did that come from? Anyway all loose ends are tied,  we get an ending that satisfies both sides of the fandoms and the moral guardian's can't say shit about the ending, because the bad guy they claimed is promoting meth use because of this show is now dead and buried.

All and all from what I seen so far between the pilot and the Felina I know that even though the show is over. It will have a lasting impact in our lives as well as the history of television. Now I know I am forgetting something. Oh yes that's it, now normally I would block this spoiler, but because it's coming very soon, it won't be a spoiler any longer. Saul will be back, as he get's his own spin off show. When you go on AMC be sure to tune in. I know I will, but until then I will watch every episode of every season of this show so I can finally catch up.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay Tuned For More. Oh and to any other defictionalizers out there I have this to say "Stay out of my Territory." Nah I'm just teasing, when it comes to making fiction real I need all the help I can get.

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