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Sunday, 1 September 2013


What started out as a comic depicting the consequences of Racism, ended up being one of Marvel's finest Superhero teams.  The X-Men became one of the most iconic characters because rather than simply fighting for the forces of good, they fight to be accepted into society as no different than anyone else. It has spawned various comic spin-offs, cartoons, live action films, video games and many more. 

The story goes like so: Charles Xavier a powerful psychic, creates a school for mutants; humanoid beings with various physical deformities as well as supernatural powers.  This school by day is a safe haven for Mutants of all ages whom are hated and feared by the general populace.  To make matters worse from them a mutant extremist named Magneto and his Brotherhood Of Mutants want to dominate the world which in turn hurts Charles' cause to be accepted.  Having had enough Charles forms a team of adult mutants to combat Magneto whenever he attacks.  The team comprises of, Cyclops the team leader, who can fire concussive blasts from his eyes, Iceman who can manipulate the cold temperatures around him and create constructs out of solid ice, Angel whose angelic like wings allow him to take great flights, Beast a genius level intellect with the strength and instincts of a primate and Marvel Girl another powerful psychic that will one day become the Dark Phoenix.

Sooner or later they are joined by Wolverine, an animal like man with healing powers and can sprout two trios of adamantium claws, Storm who can control the weather and Night Crawler who can teleport. 

Now for the fun part Could It Exist In Real Life?

The Answer is yes in two ways.  One the obvious super powered versions of them.  According to there are at least 7 real world X-man including The Amazing Kinetitron who is pretty much the Russian equivalent to Marvel Girl without her Phoenix Powers. 

The other way is much more subtle.  Imagine yourself different from the others, be it you dress different, have a different skin color, a mental condition that allows you to see the world differently than others.  Now imagine that not everybody likes you, in fact they hate of fear you, because either they had a bad experience with someone just like you, or they believe in the stereotype that was spread about your race or your condition.  Do they tease you? Hurt you? Make you an outcast compared to the so called Normal people?  If the answer is yes then you, my reader are an X-Man.   From the time of Civil War Slavery, to the Civil Rights Movement, to even now when kids with conditions like Autism or Down Syndrome get discriminated we all have something in common, we are different from the others, some like us, some hate us.  Some have reasons, some just do it for the evulz.  But we all have a lot in common. We face the same challenges, the same hates and struggles to fit into society.  Some of us deal with it by helping others, others do it by fighting back, sometimes violently if necessary.  Before I realized otherwise, I only thought that X-Men meant to open our eyes about Racism.  Hell Stan Lee himself admitted the name X-Men was taken from famous Civil Rights Leader Malcolm X.  Even Professor X and Magneto's views on how mutants should be in society mirror Martin Luther King's and Malckom X's views respectively.  But upon looking further, it's more than race, it's all forms of living sentient beings.  We all are X-Men in our own way.   My name is S.T. Filmmaker and I am proud to be an X-Man.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay Tuned For More.

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