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Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Ok I think I'm ok, no more psychotic episodes. For those just tuning in I thought before the final battle I would do one more CIER incase my fight with RIFFIN may end up killing me or worse.  It needed to be something really special something I loved from my Childhood.  I was going through Netflix one day and I discovered something I never watched since I was a little kid, JUMANJI!!!!!!  It was this movie that introduced me to the antics of the only guy I know in the world that can be the funny guy and straight man (Comedic term for serious guy that has to put up with the funny guy's crap all the time.)  at the same time, Robin Williams.  This film started out as a short story Written by Chris Van Alsburg who also wrote the unofficial Sequel Zathura.  Both of which have their own film adaptations. Jumanji also had an animated spin-off and it's own official board game. I dare not play it because I fear that the game would come to life.

Now because I know the movie more than the short story I am gonna defer from telling the shot story Synopsis.  But I encourage you to read the book anyway.

The story goes like so.  Alan Parish, one of the nicest kids in 1969 New England is constantly being bullied by bullies, his father wants him to man up and he accidentally gets one of his close friends, Carl fired.  During one typical day he discovers a mysterious Board Game called Jumanji (Zulu for Many Effects.)  He and his long time crush Sarah Whittle begin playing the game when mysterious happenings occur and Alan is sucked into the game after his turn.  26 years later, The Parish house is abandoned and Alan is presumed dead. The house is then bought by Nora Shepherd, who brings her orphaned niece and nephew, Judy and Peter accompany her.  Upon moving in, Judy and Peter discover Jumanji and play a few turns unleashing mosquito's, monkeys, a Lion and to their surprise the now adult Alan.  Alan finds to his shock that his parents are long dead and that he is 2 decades behind on his time.  To make matters worse he discovers that the game he started in 1969 hasn't been finished and that Judy and Peter were merely two new players.  They find Sarah and race against time, more surprises and a hunter named Van Pelt who is bent on killing Alan before the game is over. 

Now for the fun part Could It Exist In Real Life?

First of all let's start with a few things about the game, the animals, the plants and the hunter.  The animals themselves are real life animals for the most part some exaggerated, some not. The biggest example would be the big spiders, they are based off of Solifugae also known as the camel spider, which has not only been known as the largest spider in the world, but also found in Africa where all the Jungle mishaps transport from.  The Plants specifically the Yellow Pods and poison barbs are based off of the Venus Fly trap for the former and The latter is a mix between the Sand box tree whose fruit has been known to explode when ripe and emit a poison, and the Stinging Spurge which has poisonous barbs.  The hunter Van Pelt was based off many Big Game Hunters such as John A. Hunter who has killed over 1000 Rhinos in Kenya Alone. 

Last but not least the game itself.  The Tie-in Board game aside, there is no actual board game that Jumanji was inspired by.  However there are plenty of magic board games. The most famous being the the Ouija Board which is a well known game of many variations.  Legend has it you can communicate with spirits, angels and even demons with it. Most say it's a hoax though.  Either way, I advise you not to try this at home, however if you must follow the basic rule.  NEVER DO IT ALONE!!!!! Always have someone with you.  Preferably someone that has had experience in the matter.

As usual, debate, argue, and let me know what I missed.  Stay Tuned For More, wish me luck. JUMANJI!!!!!

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