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Sunday, 8 September 2013

10 Reasons why Nintendo is better than Sony and Microsoft

If you were reading me for the past 119 posts, you'd know I am a huge fan of Nintendo.  My first posts were all about defictionalizing the entire Legend of Zelda series. My persona S.T. uses Nintendo based weapons.   But I been hearing a lot of shit all over youtube lately that "Nintendo is Doomed" Due to it's recent sellings of the Wii-U and that Sony and Microsoft is better.  Now don't get me wrong I did play PS3 and XBox and there have been games I would require one or the other to play that Wii or Wii-U couldn't license.  However, most of this top list is personal opinion as well as a bit of fact.  I grew up with this system and I am gonna die playing it when I am well in my late 80s. 

10.  Nintendo actually listens to customer complaints.
Many of their systems produced are made from trial and error.  In away they make more of their money testing us rather than give the final product because there is no final product.  They test us and they continue to test us and when they hear there is some kind of flaw they work to improve the system.  The Wii for example had choppy motion control on their first games. Their solution?  Put a Gyroscope in each new control system to allow more fluid movements.  Sony and Microsoft on the other hand give too much of the final product and the result is nasty, from 360s red ring of death, too PS3's constant patching thinking software solves a hardware problem.   You can't put a bandage over a gash.

9.  Wii-U isn't the first near "career killing" situation Nintendo was in.

Now I don't hate the Wii-U, as stated in 10 I think they are testing us like the Wii, however it doesn't mean they were 100 percent on everything.

Nintendo has been known to make bad decisions before.  From their CDI games in 1994 which was the main reason they stuck to cartidges and in turn caused Sony to defect, to the virtual boy in 1995 and the N64 DD in 1999.   However despite the ideas not fairing well with their customers, it didn't kill their careers, otherwise they would have been 3rd party like Sega and Atari.  They grow and learn from their experiences and even made side jokes on the matter in the form of easter eggs in their games.

8.  They saved the Video Game Buisness.

Not many people know this, but during 1982, the video game business was on the verge of going extinct thanks to the Atari E.T. Video Game.  What saved us?  Mario.  And regardless of how good and how bad their decisions have gotten, they been riding on that high for 30 years and counting. 

7. The other systems became desperate to copy them.

While Motion control has been around for a while, with the Power Glove and Eyetoy.  It wasn't until the console war between PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 where things really became ridiculous.   After Wii's initial success Sony and Microsoft decided to incorperate motion control in their game.  Sony was modest at first, modifying their classic Dual Shock controller to give it a few new ways to play with it.  However when 2010 rolled in, both Microsoft and Sony decided to rip them off.  PS Move, while it helped boost their sales, was essentially a Wii-mote with a light bulb on it whilst Kinect was simply the other side of the Wii-mote, the sensor. You can take Sony out of Nintendo, but you can't take Nintendo out of Sony.  However Xbox took it a step further by stealing from Sony's Eyetoy concept too.  As for Kinect's game qualities.  Ask Angry Joe.  He's more experienced on the matter.

6. Lack of mascot. Now this one is centered mostly around Sony.   Since their defection, they never had a mascot....or at least one that lasted.  At least Microsoft had Master Chief.  Sony had and disposed of the following potentials: Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank.  So far the closest thing to a mascot they have now is Sack Boy from Little Big Planet, but how long is he gonna last Sony? How long till you put him in the room of lost Sony Mascots?

5.  Paying for extra internet services. This is mostly centered on Microsoft.  While Sony and Nintendo do not charge for using their consoles as a means of surfing the Net, save for downloadable content.  Microsoft decided "Oh paying their bills and our DLC isn't enough we should have their time too." Thus Xbox live is born.  Which charges constantly for being online and has been doing that up to their New Xbox One. Now that wouldn't be a problem since many customers are Single Players, but then the bombshell came.  Xbox One announced it's Online only policy.  Which states that all games including Single Player will only be playable when you have logged onto Xbox live.  Which should be no surprise from Microsoft as they did this before with Sim City 2013 and Diablo III.  However at least they don't charge you extra on the Net on your PC.  As far as I know XBox live is still being charged, so when you log in to play your single player game, it pretty much becomes World of Warcraft all over again.  Gamers including the dedicated Microsoft fans did not like this one bit.  To put the Xtra nail on the coffin, CEO Don Mattrick insulted fans by simply saying "If you don't like it, go back to 360."   Ya why is he now working in Zynga again?  I guess he forgot that Gates is the real Alpha Dog of all Microsoft.This move pretty much made Sony and Nintendo the top competitors.  If they screw up like this again, it's gonna be Nintendo/Sega all over again.

4. Call Of Duty.
Let me go on record and say I don't hate CoD, I love shooting games.  Doom being my personal favorite among them.  But if you are only gonna put effort in the weapons and not the story. (With the exception of that one where that Nuke blew up, that was pretty tragic.) Then you just became the Gaming Industries equivalent to Michael Bay.  Ironically he worked with Spielberg who used to be Alpha Dog on the military based shooters with Medal of Honor, which is a better series in my opinion.  The point is that playing the game is good, but experiencing the game is better and you aren't gonna if your only praise you're getting is blowing someone's head off. 

3.  It's the only video game console in the world.
Nintendo has always been only about the games.  Even with the Wii, they didn't do anything involving computers or movies, until it's later years when they gave the option to have media broadcasting services like Netflix, Hulu and Youtube.   Sony and Microsoft on the other hand, as soon as PS2 and Xbox came around was focused more on taking over every single medium in the world.  Games, Movies, Computers, you name it.  They pretty much became a cheaper alternative to a PC.   While Wii U is just catching up on that, it had 30 years just being the only Gaming system in the world that was all about the games. 

2. Sega, Konami and Capcom is their ally now.
If you grew up in the 90s like I did, you are a veteran of the console wars.  Sega and Nintendo were focused on 1-Up'ing each other.   Even Sega's slogan was "Genesis does what Ninten-don't."  When Dreamcast flopped they sold their character rights to Nintendo with only Sony and Microsoft getting a small piece.  This in turn made Mario and Sonic, two of Video Games most legendary rivals partners, but that is not all.  Konami joined the fun by having Solid Snake appear alongside the blue blur in one of Wii's Milestones, Super Smash Bros Brawl.  But I'm not finished yet.  Capcom has announced that in the newest Smash Bros Game, Megaman, Capcom's first mascot appear in his original NES attire.  It won't be long until there is a Nintendo/Capcom spin off that Pits Mario and Sonic against the entire cast of Street Fighter and Final Fight.

1. Their top guys are still around.

I saved this for last because this is something Nintendo has all companies by the balls with.  Many of the people that made Nintendo the superpower they are today are still around.  Let's do a headcount:

Satoshi Tajiri Creator of Pokemon which to this day has still been a worldwide phenom.

Makoto Kano, Creator of Metroid and Kid Icarus, the man behind the ongoing question that is still being asked to this day.  "Samus is a girl?"

Masahiro Sakurai, creator of Kirby and The Super Smash Bros Franchise, many vs series from movies to video games were stemmed from him.  You're welcome.

Shigesato Itoi, creator of Earthbound, this Iron Chef judge showed us that games can be both tell a real world story and still have fantasy like gestures in it.  Much of Earthbound were stemmed from things he seen from his own life.  Don't believe me? Watch Game Theory.

And last but not least, Shigeru Miyamoto,  Creator of Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Pikmin the list goes on.  He is so respected in the video game world that neither Sony nor Microsoft speak an ill world about them.  Their respective fanbases may insult Nintendo all they want, but they know better than to insult one of the most powerful men in the world.  He is also the reason why the other 4 had a chance to express themselves through games.  While not the head of Nintendo he still plays an important part as their face and is the main producer and director of almost every game written since his promotion. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this man, not just as a fan, but as a kid who grew up from an NES playing post infant, to a Snes playing preteen, to a 64 playing Teenager and finally to a Wii playing adult.  Shigeru you are not just the best thing about Nintendo,  you are Nintendo personified. The Kevin Flynn of real world video games.

They are all still here and even if they are long buried their impact has been burned into our hearts and minds.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed.  Stay Tuned For More.  And to all Nintendo fans past and present, now you're playing with power.


  1. 10 - You've not actually given any examples of Nintendo listening to their fans and MS/Sony not listening. You've just pointed out that Nintendo fucked up the original Wiimote and had to make an add on to rectify it.

    9 - " They grow and learn from their experiences". Except they don't, do they? Other than the Wii, their sales have been in a downward trend since the SNES. People didn't like Friend Codes when they came out, did Nintendo learn and grow and change those? No, they kept them again and it's only just now they've started to move (slowly) towards an actual account system.

    8 - That's fair enough. I don't if that makes them currently 'better' than the other two, but good for them anyway.

    7 - What you've described is the invention and production of pretty much everything in recent history. Company A makes something, Company B improves upon it, Company C improves further. The problem is Nintendo are still stuck at making something new, and never improving anything. We're stuck with a bunch of undeveloped concepts basically until someone else comes in, adapts and implements them better.

    6 - As mentioned on Gamefaqs, a non-point. This isn't 1981, a mascot isn't something that's necessary. Great branding and advertising are, and Nintendo have neither of those two things.

    5 - I can understand not wanting to pay for internet services to be honest. That said, with PS + you're not only getting access to online gaming, but a library of digital games too. It's a great service and something that MS should adopt tbh. Either way though, you get what you pay for. I've always found Xbox Live to be a great service, compared to Nintendo's efforts which are borderline useless.

    4 - This is so poorly written I don't even know where to begin. "But if you are only gonna put effort in the weapons and not the story." So they're putting effort into the gameplay more than the story? Like Mario? Or Zelda? Or pretty much every Nintendo series ever?

    "The point is that playing the game is good, but experiencing the game is better and you aren't gonna if your only praise you're getting is blowing someone's head off. " - this doesn't even make sense. The experience is playing a multiplayer first person shooter. If you like that, great. If not, then don't play it. I don't understand what you mean by the only praise being you're blowing someones head off? It makes no sense, and isn't an argument.

    3 - How does having a blu-ray drive mean that Sony/MS are worse than Nintendo? Again, a poorly explained non-point.

    2 - Konami have MGS coming out which isn't on Wii U, so I'm not sure what your point with them is? Sega's new Alien game also isn't on the Wii U, and tbh I don't know wtf Capcom are doing. You've basically just listed things from the past and used them as an argument for Nintendo being best. I don't understand.

    1 - Fair enough, they've got their original guys around still. Whether that's a good thing or not is debatable.

    1. In the order of your Rebuttals.

      10. You didn't read it all the way through if you'd know what I actually said was that much of Nintendo's success ranges on trial and Error. They are testing us. All those complaints we ever given them about a certain system or control are listened to and taken to account on the next one. The Wii-U was made mainly because many nintendo and non nintendo fans alike complained that Wii wasn't HD. Said fans treat the systems like it's the final product when there is no final product. No perfect system just a developing one. As for Sony and Microsoft, their strategies include:
      In Sony's case constantly handing out patches that don't solve the problem at hand. As proven with a certain Elder Scrolls game. Whilst MS rather than give a system that lasts, gives a crappy warning system in the form of red rings and a free coffin like box when it does die. They might as well just put a letter with "Dear Customer" And nothing but spit on the rest.
      9. They do so grow and learn from their experiences. N64 was their "I'm Sorry" for the Virtual Boy and it worked. And you just said it yourself with the account system, it's a slow growth but a growth none the less.
      8. It makes them better because neither Sony nor Microsoft can ever do anything to save a business. All they can do is try to improve said business as if they are really succeeding what with XBox 1's Online Only policy and PS4's potential to simply repeat the same mistakes PS3 did and yes there were mistakes.
      7. It didn't improve anything. I didn't want to say it, because I barely had experience in the matter in Kinect's case and encouraged people to learn about it from someone who did play it like Angry Joe. But from what I have heard, the Kinect aside from being a rip off of Sony's Eye Toy and Wii's Sensor bar, is a poorly conceived device, barely any good playable games compatible and when playing multiplayer the camera get's confused on who's motion to follow. As for PS Move it's a Wiimote with a color changing light bulb. Need I say more?
      6. A mascot gives the consumer the impression that what they are experiencing depending on the product, is a living breathing thing that must be bought. When you limit to just branding and advertising. It gives the subconscious impression that what your selling is a cold lifeless, heartless machine that needs someone to work it. I for one prefer to choose something that "Breathes" So to speak.

    2. 5. This one was actually more geared to XBox One's online only policy. It wouldn't be so bad, because as I said before, many consumers, Nintendo Sony and Microsoft alike are single player gamers. However Then I find out that online only policy applies to single player games. Meaning unless you sign on to Xbox live, your one player games won't work either. Making them Pay for play much like WoW used to be. Which is not only stupid, but selfish and greedy. When they could have made more money simply on the DLC. Why should any gamer keep paying for a game you shouldn't have to go online for.
      4. Much of CoD was based around how authentic the weaponry and military tactics are. Not on story. However I did point out both here and Gamefaqs that there were exceptions. As for your "Nintendo has no stories" I have pointed out on Gamefaqs that not only was Nintendo one of the first Game companies to put stories in their games, you can find the story of Miyamoto's originals in the instruction manuals of the old NES cartridge boxes. Thanks to the magic of the internet I can show you that now.

      As for what I mean about blowing someone's head off. I was implying that CoD is War-porn. Make with it what you will.

      2. Sega may have licensed the Alien game, but Sega also licensed other games based off mediums. As for both them and Konami, I was implying that they'd have to be really good allies with one and other to include their trademark characters. Especially if Konami's Solid Snake used to be ported not once but twice on Nintendo.

      1. It is a good thing because if you look at many other mediums. Comics, Movies, TV Shows, that have kept going over the years much of the brains behind those operations either died or retired. Whoever replaces them would end up improving the art they were famous for, or ruin it completely. Case in point Joe Quesada killing Spider-man. Whereas in Nintendo, not only are they still around, but even if retired, they still have say in which direction their respective stories are to go.

  2. 10 - That's ridiculous, that's like me saying Nintendo put out a console that freezes during the mandatory day one update, and froze frequently to the point you had to unplug the thing from the wall to get it restarted. You've not proven anything, you've not shown that Nintendo are listening to their fan base, all you've shown is that they've updated some of their tech that was underwhelming in the first place.

    What about MS and the DRM fiasco? Surely you should have touched on that if you're talking about companies listening to fans, that's got to be the most high profile of that ever.

    9 - The Gamecube brand? Abandoned. The original Wii's focus on motion gaming? Abandoned. The 3DS's 3D effect? Abandoned. I guarantee now that by the time their next console comes out, they'll have done the same to the Gamepad. And none of these are necessarily bad things! The GC brand was awful, it was wise to drop it. The 3D effect proved unpopular, fair enough they made a 2D model. Another good choice. I'm just saying that using they grow and evolve as a reason they're better than the competition is ridiculous. Do you honestly believe MS and Sony don't do the same?

    8 - I don't agree with your reasoning for this. I don't understand it to be honest.

    7 - Firstly, from what I understand the original Kinect had those issues. The new version is supposed to be quite sophisticated, especially for manoeuvring around the console itself.

    Secondly, this is still what every business in every industry does! They all take ideas from each other and modify or improve them for their own needs. Nintendo have got an online account system - uh oh! They're copying off Microsoft! Everyone get your pitchforks! It's a ridiculous point to make.

    6 - This is such a non-point, I genuinely can't believe you're sticking to it. A mascot is just an aspect of branding, and one that's really quite outdated. Everybody loves Disney, despite the fact they don't have Mickey at the forefront of their branding any more, why aren't people thinking "Hmm, no mouse no sale"?

    5 - I'm not really clued up on this, but wasn't the thing about having to be online to play single player stuff removed? I thought that was part of their original pitch and got taken out for the final product?

    4 - Right, SM3DW on the Wii U has less story than any Call of Duty game, does that make it any less of a game or experience? I don't understand what you're trying to say. You can't champion story as an element and then go on about Nintendo's games, they're notorious for ignoring story and character development.

    As for those manuals, those games were decades ago. Mario's focus on story has gotten less and less to the point it's non-existent. You can't use something that's happened decades ago as reason for Nintendo being the best in the present day. Although judging by point 2, you're obviously intent on trying.

    3 - ?

    2 - They may well have been great allies, but they're not putting the games on the consoles and that's what matters. Not a decade old cameo in a fighting game.

    1- Again, that's debatable. You could argue that Nintendo needs a change and some new blood would take things in a new direction. You could also argue the other way. I think it's probably down to personal preference.

    1. Thank you for pointing out that I missed 3. But that being said. Before PS2 as far as Sony and Nintendo and Sega were concerned, The Dream Cast, PS1 and N64 respectively were focused on gameplay. True, at the time Sony also was one of the top Multimedia companies, selling CD players, DVD players surround sound and the like, however when you take a game system. A system, designed for playing games, and turn it into something like PS2 and 3 with all this extra stuff, then it becomes less of an entertaining toy and more of a tool. Tools are not fun, sure you can do fun and creative things with tools but in the end it turns play into work ruining the entire purpose of a video-game console. The Reason Nintendo even bothered to do their share was because like I said before, customers complained about it. "Why doesn't Game Cube play movies Xbox and PS2 can do it." They listened. There is a fine line between listening and satisfying. You could order a steak and when you get one you can complain about it not being prepared the way you want it. It's that simple. As for your remarks on Nintendo ignoring story and character development. They've done nothing but pay attention to detail. As Anthony Hopkins would say "You looked but didn't see." I used those manuals not just as a rebuttal, but to prove to you and anyone else reading this, that they were doing story the entire time. As kids, we wouldn't care to look at the manual as SMB and Zelda were simple to Operate. Hell Shigeru made it so rather than giving us a map (unless we looked at the instruction.) To have us figure the adventure out on our own in Zelda's. They did change XBoxOne's online policy however the fact that they were willing to do such a thing in the first place still counts. There are more than one ways of being a better company and it doesn't always revolve around the game, but rather how you treat your fans. It wasn't so much as just that, but what Xbox's former head guy said when people did complain. Because XboxOne fouled up before their release. Sony and Nintendo became dominant console companies. I still stand by my earlier statement on mascots. Just because you don't see Mickey, doesn't mean he's gone. Wii U didn't abandon motion gaming. It's both Backwards compatible with the older games as well as found newer uses to combine the wii mote with the wii u screen remote. Wii and wii u Golf for example uses the screen as the Tee. As for 3DS it's still out there and because of X and Y much like the first pokemon game that started it all. Sales have boosted. Much like Red and Blue saving the original Game Boy X and Y saved 3ds. 2DS was designed to be more for kids than teens and adults. That said even if it was gone the tech behind it is still unique and they might apply it to future things. Sorry if this is all cluttered up by the way as I hated double posting.

    2. However all that aside. This is the real reason What other company, not just gaming, but every product known to the world, would have their top guys promote their art like this? He's no mascot, but he's a hell of a lot better than simple branding and advertisement.

    3. Eh, I don't see it like that as regards to tools. The way I see it we have three video games machines, but 2 of them also offer robust multimedia options. Their an additional bonus. I don't see how having fewer multimedia options than the competition is something you can use as an argument for Nintendo being better than the competition though. That's the bit that I don't get.

      Regarding story, as I've said - that was over 20 years ago. Look at Mario from then to now. The story has become less and less important. Up until Skyward Sword, the same could be said for Zelda. And even when they do have stories, the character development is poor at best.

      I think the only reason they included story in the instruction manual was because the technology at the time made it hard to convey an attractive story. But going forward instead of using new technology to tell interesting stories, they've just stuck to simple story lines they can tell over and over again.

      I just don't see how you can complain about Call of Duty being about its guns and shooting and not about the story, but not criticise Nintendo for being about their gameplay and not the story lines (which is how they are). It's a complete double standard.

      The Xbox One stuff was originally in there as part of a package. You're taking it by itself. With everything else though it would have allowed you to share games digitally with your friends, send demos to people and other stuff like that. Whether or not those are good things are up to you, I personally think some of it was pretty cool but people aren't ready for it yet.

      I'm not saying Mickey Mouse is gone, I'm saying that he's not needed as a mascot any more. People aren't looking to him and thinking "ooh, I'll buy that". A mascot is just a symbol, and like everything else there are trends that rise and fall in popularity. Mascots as a symbol just aren't relevant any more.

      You're right about the other stuff, I was being hyperbolic when I said 'abandoned'. They've certainly downplayed these things though. They created a fad with motion gameplay, and they're trying to move onto the next big thing now with the tablet, which is understandable. The 3D on the 3DS was a failed experiment, most people will agree. They're not jettisoning it, but they're certainly not making it a focus anymore, you can tell that just by looking at their marketing.

    4. That's the thing though. Nintendo at least has a story. So far all I seen anything remotely close to a story in CoD as I mentioned was an MW story. The first level involved a Nuke going off and the current character you play dying as the result of it. I have said there were exceptions in CoD. But the majority of the series is all shooting. I don't consider it a double standard with Nintendo because they do have a story to follow even if it shows up less, but it's still more easy to follow. I played Skyward Sword from beginning to end, the reason why there was barely any development was because it reached way back to the beginning. There was no development because the games prior including the old NES one, became that development. Before it was all about the Shooting CoD's original intention was to try to recreate many of the known wars such as the D-Day Raid as well as the lesser known battles of WWI and II and so on. That would have been a hell of a lot better than what they are doing with it now. It would have been easy to follow and you could still enjoy the carnage side most shooters have.

      As for the multimedia on the other two, it simply made them stop being game consoles and became more like cheaper computers. A regular PC with the memory banks of a PS3 would cost over 1000 dollars. Yet you can get the same thing for a quarter of the price if you buy a PS3. I simply hate when products pretend to be something they are not. And as far as I am concerned after PS2. Sony Game Consoles and Microsoft Consoles lost their right to be called gaming consoles as soon as they did that.

    5. How many Call of Duty's have you played? They all have story lines. Whether they're good or not is up to you, but they all have complete stories. SM3DW's story consisted of 7 fairies getting stolen, and you getting them back. There was nothing else to it. There might have been some more details in Mario's tales back in the 80's, but that doesn't have an effect on Nintendo being the better company now. As of right now, in regards to story telling, they're lazy and unimaginative.

      As for your stuff about Skyward Sword, I think that's bollocks personally. Until the Hyrule Historia came out, the LoZ games were largely unrelated beyond direct sequels. It's only recently that Nintendo have stitched them together to make an overarching plot line, because fans have insisted they do so. I actually read through the full thing in my book a few weeks ago, and you can see the points where they've stitched games together despite the fact they were never meant to be. And saying all the development for Skyward Swords characters was in previous games is just defending poor story telling in the game itself.

      CoD's settings just represent trends. People got bored of WW2 so they moved to the near future, Tom Clancy-esque setting. The stories are easy enough to follow, as you pointed out they're the equivalent of Michael Bay's movies. Simple, a bit dumb but entertaining.

      A video game console is just an optimised computer. Nobody is pretending to be something they're not. They're simply putting more function in there to make sure people use their device.

    6. 1 WWII CoD Game, One CoD involving Zombies and one with the Nuke. The first two had nothing of interest at least to me. Hence why I put Medal of Honor in higher regard.

      Skyward's storyline wasn't poor. The only reason why no one talks about it was, because the opening, which I do agree with, was long. They wanted to get to the action. However I did understand why it was long. Some of the greatest action stories, often have the danger happen unexpectedly. Which is a more realistic approach. The story itself was great I was simply when I mentioned the other games was that Link in this one was a blank state. Much of his journey into Heroism oozed with inexperience, he was even berated a couple of times for not taking it seriously. By both Zelda herself and Impa when he showed up late.

      While you got a good point on the Clancy side of things I didn't quite see that till now. In future references I don't ever want to hear Tom Clancy and Michael Bay in the same breath. Nothing personal just a mental picture of Red October exploding.

    7. 3 WW2 Call of Duty's, wasn't it? Then they've been based in the near future, in the 60's and I think another time period too. The zombies has always been a separate mode and is irrelevant really.

      SS's story was pretty good for a Zelda game tbh, it was more fleshed out than any of the previous games. It still wasn't great compared to many other series though. It's still got the same simplistic narrative, and minor character development that the majority of Nintendo's first party more story focused games have.

  3. Ooh just out of curiosity too, what sort of numbers do you get visiting your blog? You seem like you've done a good job keeping it updated with new content.

    1. So far today 54 page views and 193 posts. But the overall view count is Over 9000 and I am not just saying that for the meme. The whole reason I even did reviews and Top lists to begin with was because when I first started out on simple defictionalization. I found myself ranting and rambling almost getting off topic. I needed to channel that somewhere, so Voila.

  4. Also, what do you think of the responses you got on Gamefaqs? Most people seem to have similar views as me in regards to your reasoning and logic.

    1. For disagreements I value their opinions, but it doesn't stop me from debating none the less. However what sickens me are the jerks in between pro and anti who rather than come up with nothing more than calling me and those on Gamefaqs that have agreed with me names. It's childish.

    2. But surely you must understand that when multiple people are pointing out the same flaws in your logic, that maybe the problem is with the article and not with them?

      Calling you a nazi and stuff was all a bit much though, not sure where any of that came from.

    3. The Nazi remark insulted me greatly, because of two reasons. One was that it was a constant reminder that Japan who created Nintendo and Sony used to be an Axis Power. And two I have had family that served in WWII. I never said they were the problem when pointing flaws out. I am simply saying it won't stop me from defending it. You want to point out flaws, knock yourself out but just don't insult me or disregard me as some "Nintendrone" as they put it. I went on game faqs mainly to show that I am a human being and not some robot spewing Nintendo propaganda.