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Thursday, 12 September 2013


Akira was once considered, "The Godfather" of Anime.  Which shows in more ways than one.  The first being that it was long as hell (2 Hours to be exact.), everything was well detailed and to top it off every single character of the movie had their own story to tell before they intertwined.   This started out as a manga series made by the director of the film. Katsuhiro Otomo which is a Rarity since most Manga writers are only consultants during adaptaitons. While successful, Akira's franchise is rather small,  one manga series, 2 video games, 3 versions of the movie, 2 of which are different English adaptations and a live action film currently in development hell.

The story goes like so.  The year is 2019, Neo-Tokyo was just finished rebuilding itself after an explosion in 1988 triggered World War III.  However all is not peaceful as there are certain struggles, such as an anti government protest group, biker gangs that are at war with one and other and a cult that worships Akira who may have been the one responsible for said.  Much of the events surround a local Biker Gang called the Capsules.  Specifically their leader Shotaro Kaneda and his friend Shima Tetsuo.  The latter of which is always picked on, by everyone.  During a routine war with a rival gang, The Clowns, Tetsuo's bike almost runs over a kid and is promptly blown up.  But to everyone's surprise, Tetsuo is still alive and is captured by the military along with the kid, who upon closer inspection is grey skinned and looks 40 years of age despite being the size of a small child.  The military, under the supervision of Colonel Shikishima runs some tests on Tetsuo and top scientist Doctor Onishi discover that the kid has powers similar to the mysterious Akira.  These powers range from mind reading, telekinesis and possible reality bending.  As Kaneda tries to find out what happened to Tetsuo he runs into Kei, a woman who is a member of the anti government group.  He is immediately smitten with her, but it's not quite returned, but she becomes a valid ally in helping him find his friend.  Tetsuo discovers his power after fighting the Espers, three kids one of which he seen during his crash.  He of course wants to find Akira in hopes to try to find out what he is.  It is now an all out war between Kaneda who feels he should kill Tetsuo in an act of mercy, The Espers who blame themselves for Tetsuo and The Neo-Tokyo Army who want to destroy Tetsuo before he finds Akira hoping to avert another city wide destruction.

Now for the fun part.  Could It Exist In Real Life?

First let's start with the most Iconic thing about Akira.  Kaneda's bike.  Not only does it exist, but many people since the movie have tried to make their own.

Last is the Military and Scientists that try to study psychic phenomena.  I was originally gonna say it was Princeton's PEAR organization. However I found a better example.  Project Stargate.  A real life CIA and DIA research team designed to investigate and research claims of Psychic Phenomena all over the U.S.  This particular group started in the 1970s but was terminated in 1995.  13 years after this movie was made. Claiming lack of evidence.

As usual debate argue and let me know what I missed.  Stay Tuned For More......Oh alright.  TETSUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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