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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Straight Up Reviews #8 The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Video Game

I've only pre-ordered this a few weeks ago and just started playing at the time of this post, so it's gonna be brief.  First and foremost, anyone who wants to know about the Angry Video Game Nerd, but don't want to go all the way to the CIEIR Analysis I wrote in regards to this, here is a brief summary:  Man plays video game, man loses video game, man goes into screaming fit and smashes the game, man get's drunk to ease the pain, man occasionally gets attacked by a monster or a guest star related to game. Anywho AVGN has had a big legacy on the internet webvideo community so much like his upcoming film, a game would be inevitable. While not the first game to involve the titular Nerd it was the first to be officially licensed by James Rolfe's company Cinemassacre as well as the first Webseries related game to be put on a major console. That's right folks, this game was so hyped that it was put on the Wii-U.  Fuck Yeah!!!! My version was ordered off of a site called Steam.

The game's story goes like so:  The Angry Video Game Nerd and his friends are playing a really crappy game like usual.  However a freak accident causes them to be sucked into the game.  The Nerd must travel through and beat the game in order to get home.

The Gameplay itself is reminiscent of the old 8-Bit NES games in both graphics and Chiptune style sounds and music.  Special mention goes to the level selection because it's essentially a MegaMan style level select.  This allows you to select any level rather than just simply progress.

While it encourages you to use a controller ala XBox 360 on the PC version, you can use a keyboard for the desired effect.

I only have control of the Nerd, you can overtime control other characters such as The Bullshit Man and Recurring Character actor/Title Card Artist, Mike Matei.  Speaking of which I been hearing that Matei's been getting a bad rep for appearing in the Nerd videos too many times.  That is fucking stupid and I'll tell you why:

1. He has been around since the beginning of AVGN, he's done the Title Cards and he's even played some of the "Guest Characters" that have appeared to torment or help The Nerd.  The others being Music Composer Kyle Justin and Movie Co-Writer Kevin Finn.

2.  People seem to forget that while they are fans of the show, they do not own the Show,  AGVN and it's affiliate shows are all owned by Cinemassacre and James Rolfe.  Please Support the official release........I always wanted to say that.  Anywho, the point is, it's James show and the decision of who should be on it is up to James Rolfe, not his fans.

3.  He's James friend,  what James did in the end is pretty heartwarming as many people in his position in fame would stomp on anyone they perceive as "In their way."  Regardless if it's friend and family.  Rolfe is not one of those people.

Anywho back on topic.  The first level I played after the Tutorial, was apply titled "Assholevania"  In reference to his first Skit, which the Nerd reviews Simon's Quest, the Sequel to Castlevania.  The level was hell to beat as much like the game it parodied, I had to endure annoying Medusa heads and axe throwing knights.   Lucky for the Nerd he has his Trusty Zapper in hand.  The boss I fought was none other than Mr. Hyde which was a reference to his second skit.  He was difficult to beat at first but once I got the pattern down he was easy. I won't spoil it any further but I will give you a clue, Castlevania 2 Dracula.

So far aside from slight difficulties, the game isn't as bad as most people feared, it was well created, has a decent storyline and a few funny tidbits such as the Nerd doing his classic "I would rather..." if you die.

I encourage all to at least try the game out.

As usual, debate, argue and let me know what I missed.  Stay Tuned For More and play those shitty games that suck ass.

Update: Fair Warning, while the game is a good play, expect to swear a lot in it as you are given the full nerd experience. 

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