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Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Explorers

Alright, now this one I have personal history with.  The first time I watched Explorers was when I was a kid at the time I didn't know any of the actors or what the story was about save for bits and pieces.  I didn't even know the title.  A few years later I am in my teen years, I watched this movie beginning to end and could make more sense of most of it.  This is one of Joe Dante's works.  It stars Ethan Hawke and the Late Great River Phoenix as well as introducing and saying goodbye to Jason Presson as this was the only known movie he was ever in.  Which sucks because he's a great actor in this film and could keep up with Hawke and Phoenix.  Nostalgia Critic himself has named this number 7 of his top 11 Underrated Nostalgic Classics and it shows. 

The story revolves around 3 characters.  Ben (Hawke)  a Scifi movie fanatic, especially when it comes to aliens.  Wolfgang : (Phoenix) If you took Egon Spengler made him into a kid and took Harold Ramis voice, you'd have Wolfgang.  He's a child prodigy, who does many mad science experiments, including getting a mouse to talk.  And then there's Darren (Presson) a loner kid that saved Ben from a bully and became fast friends with him.  Ben has a dream about a circuit diagram and gets Wolfgang to build it for him not knowing what it does.  They discover that it creates a force field bubble that can defy gravity, become any size and move anwhere depending on which 3d Coordinates they type in.  They then use it to spy on a girl Ben likes.  Our hero ladies and gentlemen, using scifi technology for perversion potential. Anywho they find that because the force field's size can be changed, anything they can fit into it could fly.  So they construct a spaceship out of a Tilt-A-Whirl.....I am not kidding about that.  They christen it "The Thunderroad" after a Springstein song and fly off.  Then and there they find the source of the dream which is an alien spaceship.  Inside are among most things, Two Green aliens.  One is a guy named Wak and the other is a girl named Neek who falls in love with Wolfgang.  Damn even in nerd attire Phoenix is a hit with the ladies.  These Aliens learn the both the history of planet earth and the English language, by hijacking signals from TV stations.  You heard it folks they learn about us through TV.   Good thing this was in the 80s lord help us if they come back in 2013 and stumble upon Honey Boo Boo.  The trip though is short lived as the ship is under attack apparently by space pirates so they try their best to try to get the kids home.

Now for the fun part. Could It Exist In Real Life?

First let's start with the ship itself.  The ship is just a shell.  You can make it out of anything, it doesn't matter as there is nothing mechanical about it.  It's mainly designed to keep the passengers safe and store their supplies and controls.  Anyone can make that.  But the important part is how they fly it, the force field.  This particular one actually exists in real life.   Now I am kinda cheating on this as I mentioned this once before.  But to those who are only tuning into the front page listen.  In my Who Framed Roger Rabbit analysis I mentioned an apparatus using wii motes, a provision holo and a tactile ultrasound device to help simulate touching the holographic object.  Now at the time I only mentioned that it could be used in making cartoons exist in the real world.  What I didn't realize until now is that if you have a big enough apparatus you can make a force field like the one in this movement.  Will it be able to fly a ship? Probably not, but it can be safe enough to touch while strong enough to keep anything from hurting whatever surrounds it. Unlike most examples, I do encourage anyone working on tech like this to try it out. Just be careful.

Next is the circuit board, which is an automatic yes, as with the right tools you can make something like what I said above possible.

Last but not least is the aliens themselves.  I will go on record and say as of now, there is no proof that aliens exist.  However if they did exist, this is probably the most realistic example even for a family film.  First and foremost the way they study us is plausible in the 80s.  At the time there was no internet and Radio was the thing of the past compared to TV.  So every house hold in the developed worlds would have one.  This in turn would cause a strong signal relay on the satellites both on earth and in space. These aliens while looking through the galaxies, would latch on to the strongest signals and naturally assume that's how we act.  Next is why they haven't shown up on earth.  Two reasons in the film are as follows: One they don't react well to the bacteria on our planet ala War Of The Worlds.  Second even if they could stand that, they are afraid that we wouldn't tolerate them.  As pointed in the study example they study us through TV, and seen a lot of movies that revolve around prejudice against aliens, be it hostile or not.  As well as our undeniable taste for destruction.  Which is why they signal kids in the dreams, because naturally children are innocent and less prone to trying to eliminate them.  The Third thing about the aliens is how they contacted us in the first place.  Now if you read my Little Nemo analysis I explain about lucid dreams and how to stimulate them.  However one thing, I left out was the possibility of planting thoughts into the dreams of people.  This is what's called Inception.....ya ya like the movie.  But despite what that movie says. Planting the thoughts in others minds isn't all that impossible.  As read in Manchurian Candidate, hypnosis and brainwashing could be the best ways to do so.  Planting a command is only the tip of the iceberg, the best hypnotists with or without technology could plant ideas into the thought this way.   Now the last thing about the aliens, their biology.   As seen Wak and Neek are green, they have suction cups for fingers and antenna.  So clearly they are evolved from a mix between bugs and reptiles.  So as stated before, evolution and gene splicing could make these loveable aliens in real life.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I miss.  Stay Tuned For More.  And Watch the Skies.

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