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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Peter and Wendy

Now normally I don't insult my readers on subjects unless maybe a fan related thing, but if no one by now has heard this story I gotta say unless you are living in a cave, with no means of contact of the outside world, from TV to internet you are officially the biggest moron since Wheatly.  Why? Because there is not one person in this world, the next, heaven and hell that doesn't know this story.  Which by now is 109 years old.  Peter Pan has been a play, a series of novels, various movies and unofficial sequels,  TV Shows including the recent Neverland, games, theme park attractions and many more.   This was considered James Barrie's most iconic story and has been the inspiration of many mediums, including my favorite game series Legend of Zelda.  When I first saw this series it was through three mediums at all different points of my childhood.  The first being Fox's short lived Peter Pan and The Pirates, The second was the 1953 Disney Animated feature and the third one was Hook with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman.

The story goes like so.  The Darling Family in England, a relatively nice bunch, but have had recent problems.  Mostly because their children, Wendy the oldest sister and two brothers, John the eldest and Michael the youngest.  While Wendy is the more reasonable and responsible one they all have one thing in common: they all love to tell stories about Peter Pan.  A supposedly imaginary figure that flies and can never grow up.  However their imaginations have been known to cause so much mischief, that  their father George insists on them all growing up.  Claiming that Peter Pan is nothing but poppycock.  As they leave the kids alone for a party, Peter Pan happens to show up looking for his shadow, along with his fairy companion Tinkerbell; whom unbeknownst to him, is in love with him and will destroy anyone that interferes with that.  When he finds out what George told Wendy and the kids, he has had enough and decides to take them to Neverland where he came from.  A magical land full of Pirates, Natives and Mermaids among most things, but most importantly, you never have to grow up.   Upon planning the trip, the kids discover the source of Peter Pan's flight abilities, Pixie dust from Tinkerbell herself and happy thoughts.  When they arrive they are accosted by Captain Hook, a mean pirate who wants revenge on Pan for cutting his hand off and feeding it to Tick Tock, the crocodile.

Now for the fun part, Could It Exist In Real Life?

First let's start with the elements in Neverland, The Natives, Pirates, Mermaids and Pixies.  The Natives and Pirates are real as they are just stereotypical exaggerations of their real world counterparts.  Hook himself the smarter of the bunch, wasn't even based off pirates at all but a famous explorer James Cook who was the first to travel to Austrailia and has also fought in the Seven Years War.

The other two mermaids and Pixie Fairies, are a bit of a mixed bag.  Anyone who read my Justice League analysis would find that they could exist.  But only if you prove the existence of Atlantis.   However there is also the off chance of real mermaids caught on tape, if those turn out not to be hoaxes.

As for the Pixies, much like the Picori and Fairies they are a branch of another entity known as elementals.

Next we have the concept of Pixie Dust,  a substance that is supposed to help you fly.  There is a substance similar to that and you don't need happy thoughts to power it.  It's called helium.  However you can't put it on or in any part of your body to make you fly, as that would kill you, or at the very least make your voice high pitched.  But if you put enough of it in a balloon strong enough,  you can.  I advise you not to try this at home unless you are a qualified skydiver.

Then we have Neverland itself.  It can Exist.  Now your first thoughts would be, Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch which is now kept alive by joint efforts of his own kids and Lady Gaga.  However since this is tainted by such controversy I can't use that as an example even though the Story's Neverland had some dark elements to it.   So upon searching for a real life Neverland I stumbled upon a project developed in Copenhagen Denmark.  It is a city built exclusively for children.  If that is not the closest thing to a real Neverland, I don't know what is.

As for Peter Pan himself, he can exist, for he is not just one person.  He is all of us,   the inner childhood that on the outside we try to suppress, but inside we know full off how impossible that is.  As if not for our childhoods we wouldn't be here today.  Our imaginations are what drive us and motivate us to do good in life.  Deep down we are all still the kids that we used to be, we just need that push to show it more.

As usual, debate, argue and let me know what I missed.  Stay Tuned For More. Oh and don't say you don't believe in fairies, somewhere an elemental falls down dead.

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