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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Now many of you people may not know this album, but you do know the following lyrics "We don't need no education."  The Wall was to Pink Floyd, what Thriller was to Michael Jackson.  There is not one person from 1979 to now that doesn't know or own a copy of this legally or illegally. I myself got it for my 20th birthday along with a cake shaped exactly like the Album.  Unlike most of Floyd's albums this one in particular is no ordinary album.  It is a Rock Opera, like a musical, but only song parts with little to no dialogue.  It has spawned 1 album, various stage perfomences by both the Band and it's former members Roger Waters and David Gilmour as well.  The most famous being the 1990s live in Berlin where the real wall once stood.  As well as a movie starring Bob Geldof.  There has even been talks of writing the Wall on Broadway. Now bear in mind this is the first time I ever done a CIEIR of a music album so it may be more difficult to understand. And there will be spoilers.

The Story goes like so.  Pink, a young lad who has had a lot of bad luck.  He lost his father in WWII, his mother is constantly smothering him and trying to make him dependent on her and his Teachers are constantly abusing him for expressing himself through song. (Blink if you miss moment, the song he was caught writing was a real Pink Floyd Song Money.)  These become the bricks of the titular wall he is constructing in his own mind.  As he grows up he becomes a rockstar and a world sensation, but the pressures of work and his wife cheating on him, due to his isolation of her and his contemplating revenge lays with one of his groupies cause him to snap and finish the wall.  This in turn causes an alternate persona and reality to branch out known as the Surrogate Pink,  A Facist psychopath using Pink's Rockstar Status to form the Hammers, a Neo Nazi-like group dedicated to bringing back Britannia.  In a moment of sanity he puts himself on trial confronted by the ghosts of his pasts and tearing down The Wall.

Now for the fun part,  Could It Exist In Real Life?

First let's state the obvious.  Pink suffers from multiple personality disorder.  That's what brought out Surrogate Pink.  My Hulk analysis covered that.

Second is The Wall itself.  This can exist.  The Wall is exactly what it says on the tin: a mental wall designed to block the mind's thoughts and feelings.  The Scary part is, you don't even have to be insane to have one.   You simply just have to hide what you really feel.  We do it all the time.  When we go to work with a smile on our face when in reality some of us either hate our jobs or hate our customers.  When we meet someone we don't like but act like the best of friends.  Even when it's something simple like trying to lie.  We all have walls and like Pink, its up to us whether or not we want to tear them down.

Last but not least, Could Pink Exist In Real Life?  Not only does he exist, there are 2 of them.  The first is Roger Waters, who based most of Pink's actions including his father's death off of his real father Eric Waters who died in Anzio Italy in World War 2.  The other who fits most of the insane description, is Syd Barret, the former lead singer and Bassist of the band.  He was forced to leave due to erractic behavior and unpredictability through his own mentalities and drug use.  Much of Pink's lapses in insanity were based off a real life occurance where Syd after leaving the band reunited with the band while they were recording Wish You Were Here.  Then and their his appearance was changed drastically, his head was shaved bald and he gained weight and was obsessively brushing his teeth.  Much of this behavior was emulated by Geldof in the film. Ironically said album was mostly dedicated to him.  Specifically Shine On You Crazy Diamond.  Sadly, Barret died in 2006 of Pancreatic Cancer.

As usual, debate, argue and let me know what I missed.  Stay Tuned For More.  All and All It's Just Another Brick In The Wall.

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