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Friday, 4 October 2013

The Shadow

What started out as a novel and a radio show that help start Orson Welles' career;  blossomed into a phenom that became the inspiration of superheroes such as Batman. Hell Detective Comics #27 Long before it became cool, The Shadow is considered one of the darkest Superheroes to ever hit the stations at the time.  It has had Radio Shows, Movie Serials, Comics, A feature length movie and a video game.   I myself got introduced to this particular crime fighter through said movie which I might add is dangerously underrated.

The Story goes like so.  Lamont Cranston, Billionaire Playboy is secretly a dark vigilante called The Shadow.  Who investigates crimes and fights the evils of New York's underbelly.  With the help of his Girlfriend/Assistant Margo Lane, his various agents stationed around the world and his ability to turn invisible.  The Shadow wages war on crime.  The concept was pretty clever at the time.  Have someone who has every characteristic of a villain: Various thugs, intimidating stature and even something as cliched as an evil laugh.  However he is the good guy.

Now for the fun part, Could It Exist In Real Life?

First and foremost is The Shadow's invisibility ability.  Nowadays thanks to the movie, it was changed to him having telepathy. -insert psychic organization I mentioned alot here-  However in the original stories he attributed his abilities to a technique called Self Hypnosis.  In which he hypnotizes himself and his intended victims into believing that he is invisible.  This does work in real life and there are schools of hypnosis available to potential therapists and magicians. 

Last but not least is The Shadow himself.  He does exist.  He is none other than David Copperfield.  I know laugh it up, call me crazy.  However let's get down to some factors that prove true.

Factor number 1:  His Magic.
Copperfield is a magician,  his techniques include sleight of hand, and self hypnosis.  His took on a grand scale by making us believe that he made the Statue of Liberty disappear.

Factor number 2: His Wealth.

Copperfield's Net Worth is $450 Million. He's not quite a billionaire, but  he is 50 million away from getting there.

Factor number 3: He has fought crime.

In April of 2006 he and two of his assistants were robbed at Gunpoint.  When they went to check his pockets they were empty. Little did they know, David used his skills on them.  It's alot easier to make your items disappear than people. Much like my theory on Prince Harry being Batman, it's laughable at first, but when you really look into it, it's quite plausible.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed.  The weed of crime bears bitter fruit, who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!

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