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Tuesday, 5 November 2013


What started out as one of many works between Stan Lee and the late great Jack Kirby, blossomed into one of the many commercial characters that helped put Frank Miller on the map.  Daredevil was one of those comics that proved, that you don't have to see to be a hero. It has had an ongoing legacy of Comics, development hell on TV including the well known Trial of the Incredible Hulk and the lesser known draft that Stirling Silliphant (Whom early before made a similar TV character by the name of Longstreet who was trained by the late Bruce Lee. .)  An infamous film starring Ben Aflleck, I myself liked the movie and my mother liked the song that was in the that I taken a moment to look for lynch mobs.  As well as frequent cameos in other animated series, most famously the episode of Spider-man where Peter Parker was framed.  And finally many many video games from Marvel Ultimate Alliance to Capcom vs Marvel.  I first heard of Daredevil in an old Spider-man game I played for the 64.  He had a small but important role as well as being one of a few heroes in the end of the game playing Go Fish.  So you see kids Disney didn't have to censor Marvel's gambling because Activision did it first.  Anywho on with the story.

Meet Matt Murdock A kid growing up in Hell's Kitchen New York.  A well known city that got passed TV censors in Extreme Ghostbusters.  Matt's father was a boxer who wanted his son to have a better life and education that he did.  After saving a blind man from being hit by a truck Matt gets radioactive chemicals splashed onto his face.  Said chemicals make him blind, while at the same time enhancing his other four senses to superhuman levels.  He could hear better than the average ear, Identify specific particles through taste, know who is near him by individual scent and even using touch to read print as if it were braille.   In addition, he develops a Radar sense similar to echolocation.  Inspired by Matt, his father Jack got back into boxing.  However upon refusal to throw a fight he is murdered.  Sick of the crime overshadowing the helpless, Matt grows up and becomes a Pro-Bono lawyer by day and the masked Vigilante by night.  Armed with his senses and high tech billy club, Daredevil seeks to take back New York one city block at a time. Along the way he makes enemies from psychos like professional Hitlady Typhoid Mary to his most hated, Wilson Fisk, Aka the Kingpin.

Now for the fun part Could It Exist In Real Life?

First off let's start with Daredevil's billy club.  A multipurpose tool that also functions as Matt's White Cane when he's not fighting crime.  While it could be possible with the right tools to make it an all in one weapon. Each weapon and gadget it was based off of does exist in real life.  First off, the original stick is 2 attached to with a wire in between, that's a nunchucku.  However the wire disconnects making it two separate sticks.  That's the Eskrima. They can also stick together forming a staff and lastly the wire's longevity helps it function like a grappling hook.

Next and last is Daredevil himself.  He can exist.  It is well known that the blind have enhanced senses.  That's because loss of vision or in a worse scenario; loss of the eye itself cause the impulses normally generated there to travel to other parts of the body.  Kinda like how if you have a motor and a lightbulb in a parallel circuit and the lightbulb goes out,  the generator still runs, but because the battery power can't reach the bulb anymore so what does it do? It boosts the motor.  However contrary to popular belief, it wasn't the radiation that gave him these abilities.  All it did was destroy his eyes causing his other senses to compensate.  Now I know what you're thinking "But the radar sense he had to have gotten it from the waste." Nope. This was something I discovered by accident.  It's called human echolocation in which humans rely on sound in order to detect obstacles. In fact many real life humans such as Ben Underwood have trained to develop it in order to compensate for blindness.  As for Daredevil's superhuman like feats, he was a trained martial Artist and Acrobat.  Real martial arts is all about being able to adapt yourself and adapting to your opponent.  Daredevil was blind so in order to adapt he used his other senses and natural echolocation to function in a world he couldn't see.  In other words, much like the Hulk, he had his powers the whole time.  He just never developed them until now.

As usual debate, argue and let me know  what I missed.  Stay Tuned For More.  

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