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Friday, 1 November 2013

Top 5 Badass Mom's in Movies

Over the years people have underestimated mothers.  As kids we see them as nagging, annoying, uncool adults that can't relate to us whatsoever.  However at one point if we were ever in any danger they would drop what they were doing and become dangerous animals capable of tearing a grown man apart if they wanted to.  This shows us that deep down that they still love us and why we should love them.  Now not every parent is perfect.  Some of which depending on the family you live with, would do acts that are the opposite of what a mother or father should do.  I for one don't deem them as true parents because it's not about blood, it's the heart that pumps it.  This Top List shows examples of characters who if you take the settings away are Mothers defending their children. 

5. Pamela Voorhees:

Now I know what you're thinking "But she's a bad guy and her son is already dead." And you're right.  However she doesn't have to defend just her own kid, in order to use those instincts. What set her off was when her son Jason drowned and the counselors were too busy having sex in the woods.  Rather than simply mourn like most parents do, she took it upon herself to make sure Camp Crystal Lake was closed to make sure other kids don't suffer the same fate.  A legacy her son inherited upon her death.  Don't believe me? The first clue was at the very beginning, the killer was in the Kid's Cabin before he/she went off to kill the counselors. That scene seemed like a pointless thing. However, when it was revealed to be Mrs. Voorhees, the scene takes on a whole new light.  She was checking on the children, making sure all were accounted for, an act Jason Voorhees himself did in Part 6. And for someone her age, she was perfectly capable of tossing a grown man through a window so what does that say about that?

4. The Bride from Kill Bill: 

Much like Mrs. Voorhees, she thought her own child was dead.  Unlike Pamela though she was younger, well trained in many forms of combat and going after those that truly deserved it.  However upon finding out that her daughter still lives, she wastes no time killing the titular Bill. Watching the volumes from beginning to end gives me the impression that all those killings, from the mooks, to the 3 she did get, (Would have been 4 but one of the 3 got him first.) leading up to this moment;  It gives me the impression that she was being kind compared to Bill.  She held back and even spared some of the mooks who either had severed limbs or minor cuts and bruises. Then when Bill came around she pulls no stops and uses a Dim Mak on him. 

3. Donna Trenton from Cujo:

Now this is kinda cheating because Cujo is a book as well, but Dee Wallace plays it well despite the negative reviews.  For those who don't know Cujo, it's a story of one of the world's deadliest creatures and the Rabid Dog stupid enough to mess with her kid.  Unlike Pamela, she was not insane and unlike the Bride, she had no training whatsoever in terms of combat.  What she did have was the early symptom of rabies and a baseball bat.  When her son was suffering from Sunstroke and it was made perfectly clear that they were gonna die, Donna made one last stand and won and in the end depending on which one you liked best, the son either lived or died.  Who woulda thought the mom from E.T. could be such a badass.

2.  Ellen Ripley from Aliens:

As I said earlier it's not about blood, but the heart that pumps it.  Ripley after surviving the events of Alien is set to go back to the planet she feared, with a crack team of marines to wipe them out once and for all.  Upon searching for them as well as survivors, Ripley stumbles upon Newt, a little girl who managed so survive the onslaught with no weapons or training.  Then and there she adopts her and proceeds to protect her every step of the way.  From surviving a facehugger attack to facing off against the Alien Queen twice.  Which is a bonus because it's a mother fighting a mother.  The first time all she had was a gun and a flame thrower and manage to bluff the Queen into letting her and Newt go simply by using it's own Motherly Instincts against it.  The second time while she had help using a Mech Loader, she proceeded to knock the Queen out into space.  TV Tropes even helped immortalize her iconic line as the main page for their Mama Bear trope. "Get away from her you BITCH!!!"

1.  Sarah Connor in Terminator 2:

This person is a mother personified.  While she did have her moments in the first Terminator movie, they were only saved till near the end.  However if you take away all the machines, the explosions and other things that made the movie so great you could clearly see, from the dialogue to the action its all about a mother raising and protecting her son in a bit of a twisted way.   Each scene involving her and talking about her shows that she covers all the steps.   When John Connor talks about her having him trained by the best military men that can be translated into her giving him the best education she could find.  When Silberman mentions that he intends to keep her committed for the next 6 months it's the equivalent of Child Welfare saying 'You're never gonna see your kid again.".....It took three people to restrain her from strangling him.  When she finds out Skynet is still around, she breaks out using nothing but a paper clip a broomstick and a syringe full of drain cleaner.  Finally Near the end while wounded no less, she proceeds to empty round after round of a twelve gauge auto-loader into the T-1000.  If she hadn't have run out of bullets she would have been the one to finish him off instead of AHnold. 

Now I know what you're thinking. "But these are just movies, no real mother is capable of something like that." 
Check these out and then tell me I am full of shit.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay Tuned For More.

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