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Thursday, 30 May 2013


What can I say about Beetlejuice.  What started out as an idea for a dark gothic horror, became the best known black comedy....wait a minute.   How is that possible?  Didn't the internet trolls of Youtube state that if you switch genres, you ruin the movie?  Well nuts to you assholes, youtube wasn't invented in the 80s and you haven't heard of Tim Burton.  There was a time when Burton was the king of outsider movies, between the late 80s to the early 2000s.   However this was what put him on the map.  After directing The Uncle Andy's Funhouse knock off Pee Wee's Big Adventure. (I kid of course since I love both Kaufman and Reubins respectively.)  Burton was taken seriously as a director, he was just working on the script for Batman and needed to do something in between.  Enter Michael McDowell who made a script called The Maitlands. In which the story was more darker, less comic, and Sammy Davis Jr. would have been the title villain. However upon rewriting it became a lighter comedic tone which is surprising given the fact of the subject at the time: Death. The movie while highly successful spawned only a few mediums, from a hit kid show to a possible sequel.

The story begins like so.  We have Adam and Barbara Maitland who are a happy loving couple....hang on.

Huh I thought I heard something.  Anywho, the maitlands were a happy couple who were on the verge of having their first child. However Tragedy strikes as they die in a horrific automobile accident and return to the house as spirits.   To make matters worse their house has been sold to the Deetzes, a wealthy family who tear down their hard work and turn their once old fashioned country house, into an abstract art piece.  Sick of their home being torn apart they try to scare the Deetzes away.  However finding out they can't see them save for their gothic daughter Lydia; as well as receiving little to no help from the bureaucracy that is the afterlife, they enlist the help of a self proclaimed "Bio-Exorcist" Named Betelgeuse (And yes that is spelled that way.)  Who is a shape shifting poltergeist that can only be summoned by saying his name 3 times.  However upon calling him the Maitlands regret their mistake and try to stop him before he goes on a rampage.

Now for the part we been waiting for. Could It Exist In Real Life?

For starters the afterlife being a bureaucracy. It could exist.  The afterlife in Beetlejuice was based off of a modern version of Yama a Buddhist myth in which the titular character is the judge of who goes to heaven, hell, reincarnation.  He was also the inspiration for King Yemma of Dragon Ball Z fame.

Last but not least is the titular character Betelgeuse.  He exists in three ways.  The first is the obvious.  If you look up to the sky and see the constellation of Orion.  if you look at the shoulder not holding the Bow and arrow you'll see the star there. That star is Betelgeuse.  Second is how he is summoned, by saying his name 3 times.  That concept was based off the novelty batrhroom game "Bloody Mary" In which if you are in the bathroom and say her name 5 times she is supposed to appear.  However I advise not to play that game for even if she doesn't exist, it will screw you up mentally.  Third and finally is what he is.  Betelgeuse is a poltergeist.  Which is commonly known as a trickster ghost.  What makes this ghost unique is unlike haunters which are the ones the Maitlands are. (Which are limited to the home they haunt.) BG can go anywhere and haunt anything.  He wasn't BS'ng when he said he was the Ghost With The Most. 

As usual debate argue and let me know what I miss.  Stay Tuned For More.

Oh Shit....

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