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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been known for 4 decades as one of the most iconic of franchises. It has had 6 different comic companies producing them, 5 Television shows, 4 theatrical films, one development hell reboot and video games that reach way back to the ancient NES times.  I myself first saw this phenom, watching the first 3 movies and reruns of the old Fred Wolf series.   The first movie being my absolute favorite.  Though I don't see why it was heavily criticized, the swearing I get, but they complained about the violence too.  That in my opinion it's stupid on 2 accounts.  1.  It's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Ninja kind of implies there is gonna be fighting. Even the lighter 80s show wasn't lacking in the fights.  2. It's not the first family friendly movie to use violence or swearing: Home Alone being the prime example which was made around the same year. But I ramble on, this article isn't for ranting and reviewing. I'll save that for my next Straight Up Reviews.

The story begins with 4 Turtles and a Rat who get exposed to a mysterious chemical known only as Ooze. Upon exposure, they grow up into the size of humans and become intelligent enough to talk like them too. The Rat named Splinter, using the memories of his previous owner, Hamato Yoshi: a master of ninjitsu, decides to train the Turtles in the martial art in order to fight crime and avenge Yoshi's death.  Upon their training and vigilantism they make fast friends with April O'Neil: a former science assistant, and Casey Jones: another vigilante who specializes in sporting goods weapons. They also made enemies of The Shredder, the leader of the Cult like Ninjitsu gang The Foot Clan and Baxter Stockman, a mad scientist with many robotic minions and an unhealthy obsession with former assistant April. 

Now for the big question, Could It Exist In Real Life?

Now the Turtles and Splinter as stated, are just regular ordinary turtles and rat.  Their secret to mutation is the Ooze.  In the original Mirage Comics the Ooze was revealed to be created by T.C.R.I.  (T.G.R.I in the movie series.) A science research company with mysterious dealings.  Upon later research, said company turned out to be a haven for an alien race called the Ultroms. Peaceful aliens that crashed landed on earth and creators of advanced technology such as the titular Ooze.  The Ooze itself is known to increase the size, strength and intelligence of a species.  While I could go on about possible evolution of what animal these aliens could evolve from and use advanced tech as a cop out, I have found a better way. As you recall in my Secret of NIMH article, I told you that the orginization NIMH was real but, I wasn't sure if they made smart mice and rats yet.  According to science daily  they did.  In 2009 NIMH, National Institute of Mental Health created a super smart rat named Hobby-J during an experiment to cure Alzheimers disease.  As a result the rat became super smart and have an excellent memory.  Kind of like a certain rat that mimicked his master's martial arts moves.   As for the other attributes such as their size, that could contribute to a type of Growth hormone in the ooze.  If they could do that to rats imagine, what they can do to turtles.

As usual debate, argue, and let me know what I missed. Stay Tuned For More. COWABUNGA!!!!

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