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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Little Nemo

Well I can't sleep, so I figure I'd do another.  While I am on the subject I figure the best topic of defictionalization would be dreams. I figured since my last defict on the topic probably scared the living crap out of you, I might show you the lighter side. Case in point, Little Nemo. What started out as a comic strip that lasted until 9 years after World War 1.  Little Nemo has had a comic book, a kid's book, a video game and a movie that was a result of a 7 year stay in development hell.  But don't take my word on that one Nostalgia Critic says it all.  The first time I ever heard of Little Nemo, was from a film from the same animation company called The Princess and The Goblin.  That movie on the other hand was a hell of a lot better though. However the VHS it was on advertized an entire collection of films including the titular one.  I was hesitant to look for Little Nemo, because I didn't know what to make of it until I saw the review.  However it must have been real popular because Google made a doodle of a comic strip in Honor of Winsor McCay the creator.

The formula of the comic goes like so.  Nemo is an average ordinary kid who has a normal life, often pertaining to mischief such as stealing pies.  However upon sleeping Nemo finds himself in a dreamworld and goes off on a quest to find Slumberland.  For King Morpheus gave him a royal invitation to become playmates with his daughter Princess Camille whom Nemo is in love with.  Huh I wonder if the Watchowskis got their character from the series. Anywho in the early comics, whenever he gets close to Slumberland he ends up getting woken up and his parents scold him for waking them up with his dream related noises.

Now for the fun part.  Could Little Nemo Exist In Real Life.

Now before I say so, I have noticed in the strips that the, dreams are pretty accurate for a kid.  However it's no surprise.  For Nemo is what is commonly known as a Lucid Dreamer.  For those who don't know a Lucid Dream is where a person is well aware that they are in the dream and can even move around like it's the real world.  It's extremely rare for adults, but kids can have them by the dozen due to the Theta brainwave being higher among them.  I myself is one one of rare adults to keep that state high.  I neglected to mention Lucid Dreams in my Nightmare on Elm Street analysis because I didn't want scare people on how accurate these dreams can be.  Hell when I first realized Lucid Dreams I thought I was still awake until stuff didn't make sense. Hell it's one of the reasons I can barely sleep. I can handle the whimsical side but when the nightmares kick in, I rather have molten coffee injected into my veins.   This blog is pretty much my cure for insomnia.  Anyway getting off topic here, Nemo is a Lucid Dreamer and he can exist.  He is us.  As kids we went on wild adventures in our dreams.  We saw sights that we couldn't explain, fought monsters we couldn't comprehend and even made friends that only we could see and talk to.   However as we grow up we realize that much of it isn't real. Yet despite it we still use them as part of the drive that strives us to be who we are.  It's what causes the writer to come up with fantastic stories.  It's what causes the movie maker to show us things we cannot believe.  It's what causes someone like me to try to find the real in the world of fiction. I implore you all as dreamers,  no scratch that, as human beings, from the smallest child, to the oldest adult. Never stop dreaming, because the day we stop might be the day we stop being human.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay Tuned For More and seriously, pleasant dreams.

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