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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Puppet Master

One of the most underrated classics in the world.  Puppet master has been known to two things that rarely occur in a horror franchise.  It at first scares you with the obvious suspense and terror these little dolls have to offer but as well as mystify you with the story behind them.  This series has spawned 9 sequels,  a face off movie with Demonic Toys, (I'll get to that one eventually.)  and was the first movie to put Indie company: Full Moon Production on the map. However due to the multiple choice storyline of the sequels, I am gonna focus on just the first movie. Now I warn you, this may have spoilers.

The story starts off with a slight backstory. In 1939 California Eccentric, but kindly puppeteer Andre Toulon just put the finishing touches on his last puppet, The Jester.  What makes his puppets so unique is that not only do they not require strings, but they also can movie and have personalities of their own.  Another Puppet, Blade (Who latter became the mascot for the entire Puppet Master Franchise.) known for having a knife for a hand; rushes the Inn Toulon is staying at to warn him that two Gestapos are coming after him.  Toulon after storing the puppets shoots himself so that they don't know the secret to his puppetry.

50 Years later four psychic colleagues gather together at the Inn after receiving a psychic call from their friend, Neil Gallagher.  However upon arriving, they find out from his wife Megan,  that their friend shot himself.  That is not even the worse part.  While being plagued by visions of things to come, each one is being targeted and killed by  Toulon's puppets: Blade whom we know.  Pinhead a bulky puppet with great strenght, Tunneler a puppet with a drill for a head and Leech Woman who throws up deadly leeches.  As the body count rises, one psychic, Alex who has prophetic dreams and Megan survive to find out the shocking truth behind the murders as well as the secret to why the puppets are alive.

Now for the fun part, Could It Exist In Real Life?

Ok this one is gonna be a tricky one, but yes it can.

I will not discuss the psychic's abilities because many of them are rehashes of theories I put in my previous entries. As well as being Irrelevant to the true cast members, the puppets.  Seriously folks they actually just hand wave the psychic thing like it's an every day occurrence anyway.

Ok the puppets can no doubt exist in two ways.  One is that creating the puppets is easy, as they are just ordinary hand carved puppets without any strings.  But the main factor is bringing them to life.  The first way was what was explained in my Frankenstein analysis, in that the Puppets are a mix between creating a Homunculus and breathing life to it with the Elixir of life.  Alchemy had played a big role in this series.  However the second way is more or less an extension of the first way as I found the specific cause of their life bringing abilities.  Say hello to the White Powder Of Gold.  The White Powder of gold is a legendary substance that when mixed with ordinary water can produce the famed Elixir.  Legend has it that it was discovered in Ancient Egypt.  Why this is relevant? Because throughout the entire series including the first movie it was said that the puppets were brought to life by a mysterious formula found by Toulon in Egypt.  Said formula doesn't just bring inanimate objects to life, but also prolong death as demonstrated when Neil survived his intentional suicide.  It was said to have been lost but according to they found it.  However I do advise against it for 2 reasons.  1.  If what Mathew Patrick said was true about Colloidal Silver, then you might get the same result from that or worse. 2. Even if it does work you shall live an eternity of torment, watching your friends and loved ones grow old and die while you stay young and alive.

As usual debate, argue, and let me know what I missed.  Stay Tuned For More. 

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