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Friday, 12 July 2013

Rock Man/Mega Man

In 1987 Capcom created the first of many.  One of the greatest action oriented side scrolling games in the world called Rockman.  Which we know as Megaman.  It had spawned into too many mediums that I could count.  From spin off games such as X and Battle Network, to cartoon shows and even movies. Even as we speak it's still going to the point where it has been announced that Rock will be a playable character in Wii-U's Super Smash Bros.

The story goes like so. Two Scientists, Doctor Light and Doctor Wily create a six robots in an effort to improve construction labor.  Doctor Wily eventually became disloyal and stole the 6 Robots to wreak havoc and take over the world.  In desperation Light sends Rock, the second of 3 humanoid robots he created, to stop Wily.  Rock was special because unlike the other six Robots whom had one fixed ability;  Rock had the ability to mimic any tool, weapon and ability he could appropriate into his systems.  Along with his sister Roll and their Robotic Dog Rush, Rock became Megaman and sought out to defeat Wily on every turn.

Now for the fun part.  Could It Exist In Real Life?

Now for the 6 Robots, or in the Game's Terms, Robot Masters.  Each one has a fixed ability which before their malevolency was used to improve construction Labor as well as handling daily tasks.  However these actually exist without futuristic Technology.  A big example is the Bomb Disposal Robot used to wander dangerous territory to detect, disarm and destroy any explosives.

Next is the titular character himself.  This one took longer because I was looking for a Robot that could not only move on it's own but it's sole purpose was to save lives.  According to Mother Nature Network I found one.  Now this is most recent as the article they published happened today.  DARPA created a robot that can move, jump and walk just like a regular human being.  They call him ATLAS after the Greek God.  What makes this robot special than ones I mentioned in other articles is that this robot through a series of tests, has learned to adapt to obstacles  at pin point accuracy. Kinda like a certain blue boy that can adapt his weaponry at any given situation.  Many people refer it as a real life Terminator.  But those Technophobes don't know shit.  I prefer to call it the real life Mega Man.  Now all it needs is a human face and a charging cannon and you got the whole shebang.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I miss. Stay Tuned For More.  Oh and if you see Doctor Wily begging for his life kill the bastard, Mega has spared him one too many times.

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