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Monday, 1 April 2013


In 1939 after the success of Superman, Bob Kane wanted to do a superhero who's name strike's terror in the hearts of men all without using a single superpower. Taking inspiration from the Shadow and Zorro, Kane and Bill Finger made the ultimate hero Batman. Since then there have been thousands of comics, serials, TV Shows in both his solo career and his stints with the Justice League, as well as various videogames and movies that are too much to count.

The Story goes like so,  young Bruce Wayne was with his parents after seeing the movie "Mark of Zorro."  (depending on which era it took place in it was either the Silent, or the 40s remake.)  His parents get mugged and murdered by an unknown assailant leaving the boy orphaned and raised by his loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth.  Since then, Bruce has privately declared war on crime.  Training his body and mind in the arts of Combat, Forensic Science and Theatricality, Wayne becomes a creature of the night. A terror that to this day has become an urban legend within the conics as well as in real life.  Seriously ask anyone from comic geek to normal adult and they say they could swear that they seen him somewhere.  Who is he? He's Batman.  Since then Batman has faced off his fair share of villains most memorable is the Joker.  A psychotic clown who is everything that Batman hates in criminals.  Stealing, murdering and even planning citywide mayhem and destruction.  Worst of all, that is just his average work day. 

Now for the fun part Could It Exist In Real Life?

Now for those who read my Justice League analysis I still stand by my theory that Prince Harry is Batman.  The fact that he attended the England premier of Dark Knight Rises now cements it. However there are others that qualify too.

Bruce Lee for example, he has mastered all forms of Martial Arts in less time that it takes most people. He has also performed feats that make people believe he is superhuman.  Give him a suit and some gadgets and he doesn't need a Bale-esque voice to make criminals wet their pants.  Ironically Lee fought Batman and Robin in the episode "Batman's Satisfaction."  Go watch that it's worth all the bad puns.

However the person is only one concept.there are other things in question to be addressed.

First off there is the batsuit.  Depending on each era the batsuit varies in material.  From 1939 to the late 70s the suit was just ordinary cloth woven properly to achieve it's look.  Interesting to note that the first comic despite what readers say otherwise, the suit is all black.  Yes it looks like grey black with purple gloves, but that was so we could see it.  However what the criminals see is a man dressed in black with demonic ears and a Dracula cape.  I wasn't until Tim Burton created the 1989 Batman movie, that the concept of body armor was introduced.  In this case between Batman and Batman Forever, it was an industrial strength rubber that could withstand gunfire.  This also exists, while the movie version was just easily breakable foam rubber. The armor was based off the concept of Dragon Skin silocone a rubber that is not only bullet proof but can withstand an certain degree of fire.  It was famously used in Mythbusters when they reinvented Buster the crash test dummy.  Last but not least there is the armor in The Dark Knight saga.  This was actually two separate concepts.  The first is the Nomex Survival Suit mixed with Kevlar.  This can exist in theory,  Nomex is a material Firefighters use when battling a blaze, whilst Kevlar is a lighter material used to stop bullets and knives.  However in order for someone to be Batman,  protection is only half the battle.  You would need to design it in a way that you could not only perform your feats with minimal resistance, but also be able to scare the living Sh** out of criminals.  Theatricality and Deception are powerful tools.

The next is the gadgets, more specifically the grappling hook and the batarang.  The Batarang is easy since it's based off  a boomerang.  If properly sculpted you could have the shape of a bat while still keep the proper aerodynamics.  Begins took it further by making it into a Ninja Star.  The Grappling hook is another story, much like the comics, the real thing existed in some form or another.   The most famous being the Grapple Gun.  This one was also introduced by Tim Burton along with the armor.  However unlike the hookshot the Grapple Gun is more complicated.  Oh it's not impossible you just need two things to come into factor.  One is the string that can support your weight and the other is to find away to compact it all in the gun.

Last but not least is the Batmobile.  An Armored Car that brings Batman anywhere he can't go on foot.  This not only exists in various forms, but also more than one of these has been made.  The armor part is easy, famous celebrities have rigged their cars with such protection.  They are also very expensive.  The gadgets on the other hand as well as the mobile itself are a yes and no.  The movies went out of their way to make the batmobile as realistic looking as possible.  The gadgets, weapons and even the jet engine on the back works.  However it is no different than a prop gun, so they would only fire blanks.  If you do have one of the movie batmobile's in your posession, don't be a hero.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay Tuned For More.

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