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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Iron Man

What started out as a suspense series about a Jerk that got a second chance at life, upgraded into one of the most awesome founding members of the Avengers.  Iron Man showed that you don't need Superpowers in order to save the world, as long as you had genius level intellect and a lot of money. As well as how a bastard like Tony Stark who was one of the main people responsible for one more day In-universe got started. But that was later on this was when he was not such a jackass.  Iron Man does have a special place in my heart though because his story has a few zig zags in it.   Before I even read Tales from Suspense, I didn't even know he was supposed to stay in that armor for life.

The story goes like so, Genius Billionare Playboy Philanthropist, Tony Stark goes on a tour of Vietnam (Afghanistan in the film) to promote his newest inventions for the troops to use in the war.  During an assault he get's wounded by shrapnel and held hostage by the Vietcong (Ten Rings in the film) along with Yinsen, a friendly scientist, in order to construct weapons for the hostage takers.   Yinsen and Stark work together to make an electrical  chest-plate (Arc Reactor in the film)  which keeps the shrapnel from killing him.  In the process Stark designs a suit of armor in a plan to help him and Yinsen escape.  However the armor was not finished yet and Yinsen was slaughtered while stalling for time.  So in revenge Tony takes out his captors and escapes back to America,  where he claims Iron Man is his bodyguard.  In secret however he upgrades his armor and becomes one of the founding members of the Avengers.

Now for the fun part.  Could Iron Man Exist In Real Life?

First and foremost Tony Stark does exist in two forms.  The first one being Howard Hughes whom his father Howard Stark was also based off of.  Hughes was often known for his mad genius and helped revolutionize aviation technology, which helped become a key factor in Iron Man's flying abilities.  The other is, you guessed it Robert Downey Jr.  Want proof?  He himself stated that he is Tony Stark.

As for the suit that's more complicated the Iron Man Suit.  Because over time the suit has been changed and upgraded so many time I am gonna stick to the basics.

For starters, the suit itself is just Armor. Anyone with the right qualifications in chemistry and clothes making could make a suit that could protect them from all sorts of impact and hazards.  A famous example would  be Troy Hurtubise and Project Grizzly.  He made a suit of armor that was capable of being hit, shot, set on fire and survive bear attacks with out so much as a scratch on it. 

Second we have the Repulsor Technologly.   Much of the reason this article took so long was I could never find a real life equivilant to the Repulsor tech.....until now.  First let's say what it is.  Repulsor technology was designed to use light and air as propulsion in order to get the suit to fly.  It also doubles as a concussive weapon which depending on how powerful it is will either knock you down or kill you.  It wasn't till I started writing this that I found the real life equivalent: Beam Powered Propulsion.  In which a laser is used to ignite the surrounding air of the craft being used, in order to achieve propulsion and lift.   A famous example is the Lightcraft.  A small UFO shaped model which uses high intensity lasers on the craft to produce plasma in order to propel the craft into the air. 

Last but not least is the Arc reactor itself.  If you guys read my Star Wars article, you'll know that I recommend looking up Dr. Michio Kaku on making a lightsaber.   For those who didn't I'll give you the point.  When making a lightsaber, the main key is the power it needs for the blade.  For this Kaku went to MIT and spoke with Professor Brian Wardle who is currently studying Carbon Nanotubes.  Warden and Kaku believe that these Nanotubes can conduct 1000 more times electricity than copper. The same concept goes with the Arc Reactor.  Just replace the fictional elements used in creating it with the very real Carbon Nanotubes and you got yourself a power source.

Now normally this is the part where I do say don't try this at home and I do advise this. However upon upon finding out what it takes to make something like this so real I do encourage qualified individuals to try it out. Just don't be reckless like Tony Stark.

Other than that Debate, Argue and Let Me Know What I Miss.  Stay Tuned for more.  This is the last of superhero month.

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