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Thursday, 4 April 2013


Since 1962 Spider-man has been revolutionary in the superhero genre.  He was the first teenage solo hero, he was the first hero to have real problems, and he was the first hypocrite in the world.  Though that was during Quesada's run.  Seriously though read One More Day and Superior Spider-man if you are a comic writer and want to know how not to screw your cash cow characters.  Your fans and your wallet will thank you.

Anywho the basic premise goes like so.  Peter Parker,  an awkward teenager with Einstein level intelligence but with a whole load of problems. Most frequently is that he is considered a school outcast and bullied for his love of science rather than the "important" things in life, like sports and.....sports.  Seriously folks high school in the 60s is hell if you A. Weren't a hippie or B. Aren't an aspiring athlete since being Academic didn't start being cool until Bill Gates got rich and Doug Penhall went undercover as a nerd who nearly broke a local bully's hand. Anywho he attends a radiation demonstration where a Spider gets caught in the machine.  It then lands on Peter's hand and bites him.  Peter, not feeling well decides to leave early almost getting hit by a car.  Here he finds out that not only could he sense danger, he could jump and stick to walls.  He also finds out that he has super-strength and puts 2 and 2 together finding out the spider that bit him was the cause.  With his newfound abilities he decides to do the most logical thing......become a professional wrestler and TV Star. During said events he creates a costume complete with devices to shoot web and calls himself Spider-man.   After letting a robber pass him by, Spider-man decides to call it a day and go home.   He finds out that his Uncle Ben had been shot during a botched burglary.  Donning his costume Spider-man chases down and takes out the robber, finding out to his shock that it's the same burglar he let go earlier.  Since then Spidey had taken the responsibility of his new found power and become a superhero.

Now for the fun part, Could It Exist In Real Life?

First off let me point out that getting bit by a radioactive spider will not give you super powers.  The movies and future comics corrected that mistake in their own ways.  The Raimi and Reboot Series made it so it was a genetically altered Spider whose DNA fused with Parker upon biting.   This can exist through Gene Splicing however I advise you not to try this at home even if you are a qualified scientist.  Let the Lizard be a prime example of how consequential the results could be if one mistake was made. Whilst the comics and cartoons imply his powers as well as the spider that bit him were of supernatural origin.

Second of all, there is the abilities, some of which can be achieved without doing something stupid like splicing yourself with that of a Spider.  The Wall Crawling ability.  According to  UC Berkley has created a type of micro fiber similar to gecko's feet that can stick to any smooth surface allowing the wearer to walk on walls and even ceilings.   For the Super Strength see my Captain America analysis.  Lastly the Spider-sense,  a near precognition ability that allows the user to sense danger before it happens.  This exists, not just in Spiders but in all life, even humans.  Ask yourself this, have you ever felt a certain vibe that sort of itches at you, and you never knew what that was about until a few seconds later.  Maybe a car is about to crash into your house or a friend is in danger but you don't know what kind.  That there is an instinct that all life has.

Third is the gadgets, more specifically the web shooters.   Among things it's used to trap criminals and swing across buildings.  This can exist also.   According to Mad Scientist's Lair.  The shooter is easy, but it's the web fluid that is the hard part despite being a simple combo.   The combination is Glue for the web to stick, plastic to keep it durable enough for swings and pulling things as well as elastic enough, and a solvent that melts it all into a fluid.  The writer of this site is pretty good too there are pics of his prototype shooter.

Last but not least Spider-Man, could he exist in real life?  Yes,  for he is us.  When Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created him they wanted him to have  the same problems as an every day person.  The person who had all the responsibilities that they struggle to maintain in their lives: Work, Money, Debts, Social Life and many more.  We all have our struggles with at least one of these or all of these when we go out in the real world, but like Spidey we all hope that it balances out in the end. 

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay Tuned For More, and remember, like Stan Lee says "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility."

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