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Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk has a long and complicated history.  It started out as what would happen if the classic Universal Movie Monsters such as Frankenstein, Wolfman and Mr Hyde was one of the good guys and then he ended up as one of the Avenger's most bragged about assets.  As Tony Stark mentions as the counter to Loki's Army.   The show like many of the other Avengers founding members has had every treatment given to them.  Movies, comics, video games some of which where you can turn into Hulk willingly. The most famous being the 1970s TV series starring the Late Bill Bixby and the still living Lou Ferrigino as both Title Characters. Lou to this day continuing to be the voice of the Hulk.

It all started when Doctor Robert Bruce Banner was doing a testing on a Gamma Bomb.  The place was supposed to be abandoned so that no one would, well get killed.  However, local teen Rick Jones for some stupid reason decides to park his car there.  Seconds away from detonation Banner rushes out to try to warn the poor kid of his impending doom.   The bomb explodes and he take the bulk of the blast.  Now whenever the moon is full Banner will change into a grey musclebound terror that answers to no one but himself, Joe Fixit.  (seriously folks that's what the original story was.) As time went on Joe Fixit started to cease to exist and in his stead was a green nearly mindless monster that only comes out when Banner is under extreme cases of anger and unstoppable rage.  This Monster was known as the Hulk.  However despite the Army being on call to try to put him down, the Hulk unlike Fixit isn't a villain.  He is only misunderstood and only lashes out to those that anger him, whilst Bruce tries to either control or cure himself of the raging spirit within him. Depending on who's in charge he's either accepted by society or banished. (I'm looking at you Quesada.)

Now for the fun part.  Could it Exist in Real Life.

Now before we go through it let's get one thing out of the way.  Gamma Radiation does not give you superpowers.  Stan Lee even admitted that the Gamma Bomb thing was not gonna work and welcome any retcons as an attempt to see if realistically the Hulk could be created.   The most famous are in three Mediums. 

The First was the 70s TV Show.  While they still used Gamma Radiation in order to be more like the comic they did three things better. One, they made it so rather than an explosion triggering it, a machine that uses a concentrated amount that would be the difference between too little power, too much power, and killing said subject of tests the only accident part being that Banner (now David) used too much.  Two, they based more of it on a real life old scientific test of Hysterical Strength, A phenomena where a person could use more of their strength and brain power under extreme duress that they can't use in everyday life.  You all heard the story of the mother or child that lifted the car to save a loved one.  That actually exists, in fact "William Shatner's Weird or What?" Proved it with a test that measured the heart rate, brain waves and muscle usage that the person used in danger.  Nice one Shatner, you not only proved how much Star Trek exists but other mediums of your time.  Three, the opening also claimed that Banner also had a unique body chemistry, that would have allowed him this strength anyway.  Something I'll cover in the next two.

The second was the 2003 Ang Lee Film.  They went a step ahead and attributed it two other factors.  One being that Bruce had a genetic disorder passed down from his father, which also helped explain his sudden transition from regular to green skin.  Two, Nanomeds.   A concept that this movie invented, which it was intended that nano technology used to heal wounded soldiers.  The Gamma Radiation was just merely used as a means to power the tiny machinery electrically.  In other words much like the series above, the power was in Bruce the whole time.  However before him the other test subjects didn't survive. So testing this theory out could be deadly.

The Third and Final Retcon was in the 2008 Film Starring Edward Norton.  In that one, the idea was that Banner was hired to create a chemical compound that was used to resist radiation poisoning.  What he didn't know was that the chemicals he was given to work with were part of a scrapped project in order to recreate the Super Soldier Serum. (Yes that one.)  He of coursed used the same machinery as the 1970s counterpart.  The result was horribly right.  See Captain America in regards to the Triple S formula.  However unlike the above examples the power wasn't in him save for the brain power when he figured out the right combination. 

Now that I gotten the methods of creating the Hulk out of the way.  (Which I do not advise, because we don't want a bunch of Rage Monsters if it worked or corpses if it didn't) Let's talk about the Hulk Persona.   Unfortunately it does exist whether or not he made the body for it. 

See the thing is Banner suffers from a real disorder known as Multiple Personality Disorder.  Bruce had a complicated childhood.  His mother loved him dearly and his father hated him because of his mother's love for him.  His father, another atomic scientist believed that his own work on atomic research mutated his own DNA to create a mutant son.  This all as a result caused him to be physically abusive to his son and murder his own wife.   He was arrested, but the damage had been done.  For what people didn't know was while Bruce was a kindhearted if not withdrawn person, inside him was an angry revenge hungry monster.   When his father was released, he tried to kill Bruce and in the result, Bruce killed him.  While in an attempt to defend himself from his father, his actions are what became the Hulk's first kill.  As I said in the first 2 examples Bruce had the power to become the Hulk whether or not the Gamma intervened.  This is what I meant.  There is no magic or mad science that released it it merely sped it up and gave Bruce a form so that he would be as powerful as he thought he was at the time.  In other words, Hulk Strongest There Is. He wasn't bragging he really was that strong.  Could The Hulk Exist In Real Life? Yes he can, because he is us.  On the outside we strive to do good in the world while on the inside there's the raging beast within us that makes us go out and do it.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed.  Stay Tuned For More.

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