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Thursday, 18 April 2013

If Doctor Who was American

I thought I would take a short break from superhero month to do something a little different. A sort of what if.   As I mentioned before I believed in the possibility of a multiverse. Where every possibility could happen for better and for worse. A debate I once had with someone on Youtube a while back sort of inspired me of one hypothetical one.  If Doctor Who was invented by American TV  instead of BBC.  Now before I go into the details here's how it would go down.  Same, show, same plotlines both the good and bad. But more or less the show taking place in the US and with North American Actors.  I am not doing this with intention to piss anyone who's a fan of the series.  Hell I only watched a few, the rest I just looked up and I love the concepts.  But I often wonder what would happen if they did things differently like that time Two Episodes of the original 60s Show were Remade as movies Starring Peter Cushing.  In this case out of mostly personal opinion I am gonna pick North American actors from each time period that would fit the roles.

For the First Doctor it would be James Coburn.  He has starred in many movies from light hearted action to straight out parodies most famously Our Man Flint, who parodies the James Bond Series before Austin Powers made it cool.  So he knows how to go from comic to comically serious like the original first Doctor.

The Second Doctor would be Travolta.  Before he became a serious actor he was mostly played the type of lighthearted impish characters even movies that required him to be the tough guys.  Plus who better to play a Timelord than a guy that actually believes aliens helped shape this earth.

The Third Doctor would be Marlon Brando.  For starters he has had experience playing an alien scientist before. Other times he's often played the Suave adventurous type. The kind you know is badass even if he does nothing throughout the entire film.  These Traits were essential to the Third Doctor.

The Fourth would be Tom Hanks.  While Hanks has been known for a lot of roles some of which earned him his share of the Oscars.  Many people don't know was that when he is not being a serious character he is often quirky and wild almost like a child.  The same kind of character traits that Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor caused him to last longer than the other Doctors before and after him.

The Fifth would be Jeff Bridges.  Much like Peter Davidson, Bridges has been well known to be one of the nicest people on and off screen.  In many of his movies (One's where he's the protagonist anyway.)  he often has tried to find ways to solve a problem without resorting to violence, however unlike the original Fifth, some of them actually work out quite well.

The Sixth would be George C Scott.  Both Colin Baker and George C. Scott have been known to play Manic Egotistical Arrogant characters.  In George's case, General Patton, Ebenezer Scrooge and even a man who thought he was Sherlock Holmes.  That persona would have been perfect for him and let's face it. You can just picture General Patton in Baker's place trying to strangle Peri.

Peter Falk would be the seventh.  The Seventh Doctor has been portrayed as Bumbling on the outside, but on the inside a bit of a chess master, knowing how to get through almost any situation with just his brain.  Kinda like a certain NBC mystery movie star we know and love.  Give Columbo a TARDIS and a question Mark umbrella and you got the whole package.


The Eighth Doctor has been described as a person who encourages others to seize life instead of withdrawing from it.   Robin Williams is that type to do so and the fact that like Brando before him he's played an alien in the past cements it. Plus it has been implied that The Eighth was responsible for destroying both sides of the Time War.  When I think of someone with this persona capable of such destruction of that magnitude I think Robin Williams.  I don't know why but I can totally see him destroying Daleks and Time Lords in the near future.

Now here's where it gets difficult. The Modern day 3.

The Ninth Doctor had been described as all the heartbreak in his life finally taking toll on him.  Losing his Companions, losing his race, almost even losing his mind when he comes across his old enemies the Dalek's.  I could think of no one else better to be his American equivalent than. Robert Downey Jr.  Before we knew him as one of the greatest Superheroes in the world, he almost had little to no career.  Many things in his life had beaten him down almost to the point where he would have gone insane with depression.  However despite all that he was able to rise above it get better and even become loved once again.  The same reaction the audience got when Chris Eccelston helped bring back a series long thought to be dead.  If there was an American Doctor Who RDJ would be the 9th.

The Tenth has often been said to Teeter Totter between being lighthearted and quirky as well as vengfull and unforgiving.  That is why I think Doug Walker would be him.  When he is himself he is often a nice person, often being too apologetic whenever he makes a mistake.  However when he becomes Nostalgia Critic he shows off his dark side in a way you would never expect if you only met Doug first.

Last but not least Eleventh.  This man ranges from Brash to eccentric as well as a fashion sense which would cause any normal sane man to thing WTF?  That is why Johnny Depp would be the 11th Doctor.  He has been known to play odd ball characters before, some of which with weirder tastes in fashion.  Yet despite all that, much like the Doctor he is well loved by all.  Heck he would also make a good BBC Doctor since he is one of the few Ameican actors in the world that can fake a British accent successfully. Plus much to his frustration he has been known to keep a youthful appearance despite being almost 50 now. If he isn't a time lord than what the hell is he?

So there you have it 11 American Actors that I think would make good Doctors if Doctor Who was created in America instead.   As usual debate, argue, and let me know what I missed. Stay Tuned For More.

Runners Up: I was Originally gonna put Fred Rogers on the 5th Doctor Spot, but while he does fit the personality I felt since 5 was the youngest at the time I would pick a nice guy that would be the youngest at the time the 5th Doctor started out. 

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