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Thursday, 14 March 2013

An Ode To Memes

Just for kicks I am gonna give meme-ing a try. However for some reason I can't think of one.  Frankly, I don't give a damn, because there are so many to choose from.  If I have to jump every shark, nuke every fridge and fry every coke, then by god I'll do it. You can't handle the truth of it all because this is madness. This is Sparta nah forget it it's Chinatown. Besides I can't just take all the potato chips in the world AND EAT IT!!!  If I had to it would require counting and lord knows that would be over 9000.  Where's the Goddamn Batman when you need him? Maybe he can tell Zod to Kneel before Me or I'll kill him to death!!! Because I am a man who will leave the gun and take the Canolis.  Who is gonna stop me when I lay my vengeance upon thee?  This is my boomstick, there are many like it but this one is mine, because when you put your hand through a bunch of goo that moments ago was Jello, there's always room for Jello.  While you were learning how to spell your name, I was trained to find a stranger in the alps, because shampoo is better. It's all there black and white, clear as crystal, you can't stop eating my sesame cake!!! Now all I got are these lemons, I don't want your damn lemons what am I supposed to do with these!? Choke on 'em!! The power of Christ compels you to phone home and call Bueller.  Bueller? Bueller?  Dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body.  I don't care how, but by Grabthar's hammer, never give up, never surrender.  The price is wrong bitch, it's out of order, you're out of order, this whole system is out of order and IT WAS BUILT IN A CAVE WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!!!  There is no spoon, the cake is a lie, there's no more room in hell and the rum's gone. Why's the rum gone? You maniacs you blew it up, damn you!!! You are tearing me apart with all work and no play!!! Fire everything it's a TRAP!!! Game over man game over, the only winning move is not to play. WROOOOOONG!!! I drink your milkshake and it's weird and pissed off.  I fight for the users and hell's coming with me can you dig it!?  You talking to ME!? JUST LIKE THIIIIIISSS!!!!  I am the master of all this mechanical stuff and I love the power glove, it's so bad. It floats to, they all float!!  I can't stop here, this is bat country and they're all gonna laugh at you!!! You need more cowbell, but I'm a blogger not a doctor.  You're in my spot sir and I have reversed the polarity of the neutron flow, but one of these, days one of these days POW right in the kisser. Reisitence is futile for all your base are belong to us.  Hey!! Listen,  you're princess is in another castle and the urge to kill is rising.  That's all I have to say about that, if you'll excuse me I'm going to bed I think I caught the Weegee virus.

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