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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Star Wars

A long long time ago in an independent film studio far far away, a man named George Lucas, fresh off the success of American Graffiti came up with an idea. The idea was to make an adaptation to Flash Gordon for the big screen.  They said no, so he came up with a better idea snowballed from his earlier idea.  To make a film that incorporates Action, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Martial Arts and Westerns.  It became one of the worlds first multi-genre feature films: Star Wars.  This independent movie had 5 more in the series, a lot of TV shows, Video Games, Comics, Novels and an upcoming sequel trilogy.  As successful as it was, it wasn't without it's flaws.  For starters fans of the show are divided to which is the better ones, the Prequels or the Original, whether or not the the expanded universe of game/comics/novels is Canon to the movies.  Worse of all, whether or not the Force is a scientific or a magical concept. 

The series revolves around Luke Skywalker, a moisture farmer who wants something better out of life. He meets two travelers, C-3PO and R2-D2 two Rebel Droids (short for androids) That are on the run from the Empire, who seeks them because they have the schematics of their most powerful weapon: The Death Star.  A battle station that can destroy planets. Along the way they meet Obi-Wan Kenobi, a hermit that was a former Jedi Knight and Soldier of the Clone Wars.  He is sought out because the rebellion needs him to deliver the plans in order to find a weakness and destroy the Death Star.  However because he is too old and not much of the legendary warrior he used to be.  He asks Luke for help, but Luke is reluctant for fear of worrying his Aunt and Uncle.  However upon finding said Aunt and Uncle slaughtered by The Empire, he goes with them and along the way is being trained about the ways of the Jedi Knights.  They hire Han Solo, a local smuggler to pilot them on their mission and the adventure is on.

Now for the fun part.  Could It Exist In Real Life?

Now the first thing to obviously start with The Force.  The Force is a source of power for all Jedi Knights it can be used for various ways such as moving objects with their mind and controlling the thoughts of the weak minded.  This can exist.   I already explained the concepts of Chi in my DBZ article so no need to go down that road.  However, there is still one elephant in the room I must address.  Midichlorians, I hate this topic not just because they took a concept that was considered magical and made it too science-y.  It was executed poorly.  For those who don't know what I am talking about, midichlorians are microscopic bacteria that share a symbiotic relationship with all living things. In layman's terms, the more of these specific germs you have, the stronger your ability with the force is. Now as stupid as this concept is, there is some truth to it.  I once believed that every living thing on the planet had some kind of psychic connection with each other. This was proven when some animals of their own species run in groups, wolves running in packs for example. As well as animals reaction to other superior or inferior animals.  We all seen that youtube video where the dogs are playing with polar bears. If that is not an example of a connection I don't know what is.  Anyway my point is that if there is some kind of connection like that, wouldn't it exist between bacteria and humans?  As a matter of fact it does.  We all know it as Probiotic or cultures.  A microscopic bacteria that is used for nothing more than to benefit the human body.   Unfortunately it doesn't give you the ability to choke your enemies with your mind.  Sorry Vader fans.  However it did help me to understand a quote Yoda said:

"For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship.”

What Yoda meant was it wasn't just your own power, but the power around all living things, from you, your friends, family, pets, even the microscopic life surrounding the moss covering the rocks you try to lift.  Then there is the Dark Side.  Ever notice that many of the Jedi Villains often get disfigured whenever they abuse their powers?  Palpatine, for example got burned by his own lightning.  I believe the condition isn't just from getting hit with it, or karma.  It's also physical.  The Force is like all sorts of energy real or fictional and if used too much could damage whoever is using it.  The force lightning for example started making Palpatine more frail and weak to the point where he couldn't duel with a lightsaber anymore. 

Next we have the Jedi Knights.  These people are often considered the closest thing to a police force. The motto says it all "Keepers of  Peace and Justice throughout the galaxy."  Could they exist?  Well not only do they exist, but they are a mix of dozens of different concepts.  As said before they are a police force, however since it's an entire galaxy they are tasked to look after, they are more than just local.  Infact the real life equivalent is ICPO, a world wide organization of police officers that are tasked to solving crimes should the criminal be spreeing all over the world rather than a local city. The second concept is in the name, "Jedi Knights."  And it shows since the council sits in a circle to discuss their business and treat each member as an equal.  Just like the legendary Knights of the Round Table.  Last but not least their religious belief in the force.  There are various groups real and fiction based on this belief that have often attributed in Justice in the name of whatever deity they worshiped.  However more prominently there are others that simply worship the spiritual energy alone.  The most famous is the Shaolin Monastery, they are not only dedicated to peace and justice, but also believe in the concept of Chi and have created a martial art surrounding said concept: Shaolin Gung Fu.  Or as you all know it as Kung Fu. Lucas himself admitted that they were the main inspiration for Jedi Knights and the Force.

Now the last concept is one that most people want to know: The Lightsaber. This can exist, however don't take my word for it.  Dr. Michio Kaku, is a scientist who is dedicated to making fictional scientific theories and statements true. His most famous concept was a real working lightsaber.  Look him up and you'll be surprised. 

As usual, debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay tuned for more.  May the Force Be With You.

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