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Monday, 18 March 2013


I just want to take time off to thank you guys for reading my blog.  I never thought I would get as far as 10 but 50, holy sh**.  I figure for my 51st post I might as well do an FAQ. I am gonna take questions that I assume you'd probably ask and answer them as plainly as possible.

1. What inspired you to do this?

Believe it or not it was actually a lot of things.  First was my ambition to become a filmmaker, I figured if I wanted to make movies one day I would have to see if I could make some of the most impossible things, possible in theory.  The second was my mother, we had a bit of a debate years ago about the nature of the fictional world. She believed it wasn't possible save for a few things and I was actually determined to prove otherwise.  The third is something you guys are not gonna believe.  I have a very strong empathy for fictional characters, it's bizarre but I react the same way to them as if they are standing next to me. If someone was good and gets hurt, I feel just as hurt for them. The best way would be Jaden Yuki in the Yu-gi-oh GX Series.  He had the uncanny ability to see "Spirits" of his cards and would react badly to them getting hurt than he would on just losing the game.  Though there have been hints that the cards were based off real monsters with in the show, but as far as everyone in the Yu-gi-oh universe was concerned that was only a myth.  But in a way I share that same empathy of sorts. Last but not least I wanted to be an internet reviewer like the guys at channel awesome. However like others before me I wanted to do something unique, something that would make me stand out.  So I did what most reviewers didn't, I try to find ways to make the mediums they review fit in a real life setting.

2. Who were your influences?

Well I was heavily influenced by Channel Awesome.  Nostalgia Critic and Linkara especially. However other influences included James Rolfe aka Angry Video Game Nerd,  Mathew Patrick aka Game Theory since his show is similar to what I am doing only he is more focused on defictionalizing video games, whilst I decide to tackle all mediums.

3. What is defictionalization?

Defictionalization is, where you take a concept from a fictional medium and you try to see if it exists in real life.  The word was coined from TV Tropes, but the concept has been around since the 1970s when the movie Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory hit theatres.  Though I'll explain why when I get to it.  However I'll give you a hint, it involves product placement.

4.  What is your favorite fictional medium?

Well that's a tough one because I like em all, but if I had to pick a personal favorite, it would be Movies, Games and Anime. Mainly because I grew up watching those mostly.

5. How does Folklore fit into the real world category?

Well I always believed that Folklore, Myths, and other Urban Legends have some grain of truth in them. I mean it's not like you can pull thousands of years of stories out of thin air, you need to witness some aspect of it.  The way I see it the formula for Folklore goes like so:  It starts out as a guy witnessing something incredible, he tells his friends, who tells their friends and so on. However in the process the story gets jumbled up and it then becomes a rumor.  This in turn becomes a story.  Because it's such a good story, it gets passed down from generation to generation until one day someone, a child perhaps asks "Is this for real?" Which sparks an argument between the people who heard the story.  This turns the story into a Myth because the term Myth literally means "It could be true."  Because that Myth becomes synonymous with the country or town it takes place in, it becomes Folklore.  Now look at fictional mediums today, we know most of them, like Superheroes and Monsters like Freddy and Jason, are not real.  However in 1000 years I would predict that they too will go through the Folklore formula, people would talk about these beings as if they existed at one point.  Criminals would scare each others with stories of the Batman.  Anti-Drug and Abstinence groups would scare developing teens with Jason Voorhees stories.  The possibilities are endless.

6. If you are neutral in the matters of faith why do you express your beliefs?
There is a fine line between being neutral and expression.  My beliefs while I consider facts only to myself, I treat like an opinion.  I can express my opinion so long as I don't try to shove it down your throats. In other words I only express my beliefs because of my freedom to do so rather than contradicting others in terms of fact. However when it comes to other faiths I do not say anything about them unless I did my research on them first. That being said I remain neutral.

7.  You seem to like mentioning Channel Awesome a lot why?
Well aside from being an influence in my life, it's actually helped me through rough patches. Their style of comedy and entertainment  has helped me get through those patches and I thank them for it. In return a direct insult to them is an insult to me too. There's a fine line between debating with them on matters and just simply calling them assholes only because you don't like their show.  If you don't like it don't watch.

8.  Why do you do web comics and jokes between articles?
Well I wanted to do a storyline between them much like Linkara does, but at the time I didn't want to do videos.  As for the jokes I was born on April Fools, if I wasn't a funny person I'd shame fellow April Fools.

9. Will you do Articles on fictional mediums you don't like?
Eventually.  Just because I don't like them doesn't mean there aren't some truth to them.  However I will not, ever under any circumstances do Twilight.  Hell I would take my chances with My Little Pony and I am not even a Brony. Hey that rhymed. However the main reason I am starting with the mediums I like is because I know them better than the ones I don't like.

10. Why won't you defictionalize Twilight?
 Ok I'll say it.  Twilight is the worst thing to happen to fiction.  First it takes Vampires, a concept that I have enjoyed from Dracula to Van Helsing and smashes it to bits.  Turning them from badass creatures of the night to sparkling, whiny wussies whose only concept true to the lore is drinking blood.  Second, take all the Vampire stuff out of the equation and you got the worst romance story in the world. It clearly let's women know that it's ok to have a boyfriend that controls every aspect of their lives and that they are nothing without him. While at the same time the one that does truly love her will never have her, because she has a warped view at what a true man is.  Take the entire supernatural aspect out of it, and its a Steve Wilkos special with a downer ending. I could totally see Steve tear Edward a new one. Third, unlike other vampire fictions where the vampire thing is only a minor inconvenience unless brought up then in that case they deal with it. This however brings it up every single damn time like Meyer was under the impression her readers are idiots. She may as well be in the movie with a picket sign saying "Oh did I mention he's a Vampire?"   Last but not least, they took the concept of the word Twilight and made it all about that series.  Everywhere I go whenever I mention the word they instantly think that series.  When I think Twilight I think the go between light and darkness, I think of one of the greatest Zelda games in the world. I even think of one of the greatest anthology series that ever graced television.  I do not think of this crap. However there is one thing I did like that Meyer didn't even bother with. Charlie Swann, Bella's dad.  Whenever there is a mysterious attack he calls the Cullens up first, when Bella mentions Edward he says something along the lines of "Isn't he a little old for you?" And the first thing he grabs nonchalantly is his shotgun when he answers the door.  It was almost like he knew the Cullens were vampires. Did Meyer develop this any further? No.  And let's talk about Meyer shall we?  Stephen King said when it comes to writing, write what you know.  If all Stephenie Meyer knows is that in order to succeed in life as girl is to have a boyfriend, that controls every aspect of your life, then what does that say about her own life?  Now I am only just guessing, but I believe that she got out of a bad relationship and rather than admit the guy in it was in the wrong she decides to immortalize him in story.  I am with Freud on this. If that is what she knew then she has some series F***ING problems. Get help. You can afford it now.

11. What do you hope to gain from defictionalization?
I hope to gain more open minds on the subject and I hope one day to inspire others to actually prove what I put up.

12.  If that's the case why put disclaimers?

I only advise not for them to try stuff like this at home because I know that not all my readers have any expertise on the stuff and could either get hurt and arrested. That being said I don't want to be blamed for it.  There's inspiration and there is being stupid. Don't be the latter.  If a person is truly qualified to do such an action then by all means do it.

13.  Who do you try to appeal to?
This blog is not only meant to appeal to movie geeks like me, but also scientists, historians and other experts on the matters that these mediums use.  I really hope that one of these experts would talk about this or at least try to contradict me.

14. How did you get the Wii Zapper and Identity Disc to work in your comics?
Obviously it's not real, however my weapons are Defiction incarnate, they represent every aspect of defictionlization I write on this blog. As for how, you figure it out.

15.  What do you personally hope to defiction?
That Zapper,  I myself am trying to figure out how to work that.  If I can't defictionalize my own work then there isn't point of dificitionalizing others. Then again to defiction my own I have to defiction others.

16.  What are your beliefs?
Well as mentioned in my articles I am an Agnostic Pagan,  however my beliefs stretch farther than just that.  My main belief is the concept of the Mutliverse and it's branch fictional realism.   For those who don't know the multiverse concept was a theory that there is more than one universe.  My belief in it stems from the fact that every fictional medium, from The Dark Tower series in books, to Atop The Fourth Wall's Warrior review, have covered the multiverse in various forms. As for fictional realism its a branch concept that is simple "If there is more than one universe, then there should be a universe, where fictional characters exist in the flesh."  However as mentioned before I am neutral.

17. What was your favorite article so far?
The Zelda Series,  I grew up with it and can't wait for the next one so I can defiction that too.

18. Are you out of your mind?
I can assure you I am quite sane.  Just extremely passionate on making the unreal, real.

19.What do you plan to do once this takes its course?
Unlike MissingNo I have no One goal in mind.  I got dozens of ideas I want to express. However as for what? Stay tuned and find out.

20.  What are your sources for images and research?
Aside from what is mentioned in the article, I get most of my research and images from various wikis. Except the comics and the bumper sticker I did that myself....ya I am a pretty crappy artist and i'm F***ING PROUD OF IT!!!! HA!!

21.  What do you have planned for your next article?
Stay tuned and find out.

Now if there are any actual questions you want to ask post them in the comments below.   

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