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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Go Karting With Bowser

I'd thought I do another thing differently.  Rather than just limit myself to mediums, I shall defictionalize certain concepts in the long run too.  For my first one I will try to start with.  Go Karting With Bowser.  This was a concept invented by TV Tropes, made famous by the Mario Kart series.  The concept was based around a question many gamers including myself have asked: If Bowser is this evil jackass that is destroying worlds and kidnapping the princess then why the hell is he invited to race Go Karts?  However the trope stretches further than that.  It usually depicts two or more people, heroes and villains respectively who take a break from fighting each other and just do something for kicks.  L plays tennis with Kira, Flash plays darts with Trickster, Bond plays Golf with Goldfinger. and even Popeye and Bluto get along when Olive is not involved.

However with all the things going on in the world, from diseases, war, famine, slavery etc.  There is no way that it could happen in real life could it?

As a matter of fact it can.

In World War 1, warring German, French and Britished Troops negotiated a ceasefire so they could celebrate Christmas.  When the day the cease fire was supposed to end they have gotten to know each other so well, that they couldn't bring themselves to kill each other again. 

In 1936 The Olympic Games were hosted in Berlin Germany and Attended by Adolf Hitler himself as well as many of the countries that would be Enemies to The Axis 3 years after.  While Hitler didn't compete in the games personally, but it counts.  Still now that I think about it, I feel bad for Bowser. I mean all he did was trash the kingdom and kidnapped people. At least he drew the line at World War and Genocide.  Hell is it no coinicedence that Bowser himself participated in Mario and Sonic's Olympic games and Hitler was only just spectating the 1936 games?  Just goes to show the most evil people on the earth watch rather than do. Why am I comparing Hitler to Bowser you say?  Well a certain orginization and I am not gonna say who made a false constantly parodied claim that if you played video games, you'd become a Nazi and as both a gamer and a man who's great grandfather served in WWII I have this to say. You obviously never played a game in your life and that is why you're so damn miserable.

In a non war example Althlete's Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley who were rivals in the courts often spend their off time playing golf with one and other.  If he got Ewing and Mugsly the same way he's 2 players away from a full Space Jam.

As usual debate argue and let me know what I missed, stay tuned for more and I'm off to see if that Riffin Guy wants to play poker.

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