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Friday, 1 March 2013

Angry Video Game Nerd

What started as a practical joke and escalated into one of the greatest internet phenoms in the world.  The Angry Video Game Nerd became synonymous with both retrogaming, retro movies and the net rolled into one.  In 2004 indie filmmaker James Rolfe decided as a joke to put two videos on youtube showcasing his least favorite of videogames.  His videos were well received and since then there is now 109 and a movie underway.  It was because of him that I was made aware of Channel Awesome and the Nostalgia Critic. Now the reason why I got to this later and put Karate Kid up first when I said I would dedicate my next posts focusing more on New Media.  It was because the game I mentioned in said article was the first episode of the titular Nerd I ever seen.

The story goes like so, we have the Nerd an adult child that dedicates his life to searching for the worst games ever made and try to beat them.  He moodswings between an intelligent game reviewer to an obscenity spewing, nitpicking, violent tempered individual that is gradually going crazier the more he loses the game he is reviewing.  When all is finished or he can take no more he sucks down Rolling Rock Beer to ease the pain.  Sometimes he is not alone for he has many enemies who force him to play the worse games based on them. From Freddy Krueger to Rob the Robot.  As he fights for his life he teaches us a valuable lesson: The enemies are easier to beat in real life than they are in their crappy games.  When he is not going crazy over his games he spends his life making the Nostlagia Critic's life a living hell or saving Chirstmas with Captain S.

Now the main question is Could Angry Video Game Nerd Exist In Real Life?

To put it bluntly yes.  He represents everyone who has played a game in their life. He was us when we missed the gap an inch away from jumping one platform to another.  He was us when the controller stuck or the light gun stopped working. He was us when ET killed the videogame industry.  He even was us when we found out Jessica Rabbit's phone number was changed into a sex hotline. Despite all that, we never change the way we play the games.  I myself have still often lost my temper whenever I lost a video game. My screams and swears can be heard from space louder than Reb Brown's JAKODAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!...................................................Now that I taken a moment to watch out for Spoony fan lynch mobs here's my final thoughts.  The Nerd was what helped most of us discover the lighter side of New Media.  Most of us would shut off the computer if all we saw was Chris Crocker or Don't Taze Me Bro.  And it was shows like that, which gave us net enthusiasts to fight back against SOPA.  The Nerd has been there for us for a laugh or too and will always be there long after games become Holodecks.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed.  Stay tuned for more.

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