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Friday, 22 March 2013


Portal has been regarded as one of the greatest physics action games in the world. It has 2 games, plus Tie-In comics as well as a whole load of memes and merchandise both made by it's company Valve as well as fans of the series.

The story begins with Chell, a woman who wakes up in stasis and is greeted by a seemingly friendly AI named GlaDOS.  Chell's purpose in life is to go through a series of scientific tests aided by prosthetics that protect her from  high altitude falls and a telepotation gun that has two travel points.  Throughout the testing Chell discovers things rather fishy about her stay at Aperture Science and her host.  So she escapes the testing grounds to find out what.

Now for the fun part.  Could it exist in real life.

First let's start with Chell's equipment.

There's her advanced Knee replacement.  Two prosthetics attached to her legs designed to absorb she shock of fall from even the highest of places. This can exist but it goes by another name, Spring Boots.  Spring Boots are essentially two miniature stilts that are designed to improve running and jumping on the wearer.  As for absorbing shock, it can do that but the limit to that is unknowable. However I must advise you readers not to try this at home on account of the risk of shoving your legs into your chest.

The next thing is the Portal Gun itself.  This is a yes and no because the theory exists as for testing it out that's a different story. The theory of the portal gun was based around Nikola Tesla.  A brilliant scientist who believed that using magnets and antennas you can teleport objects and even people from one place to another without any harm.  As for actual testing that there is where it's debatable.  Destination Creation, the folks behind the scale hoverboard, did a video giving instructions on how to do this. However unlike the hoverboard, which was proven true.  The experiment known as Tesla's wall was debated as using special effects to make the illusion of teleportation.  While I do advise not to try this at home, unless this is proven, no one may ever know.

Now on with the other gadgets.

There is the Repulsion and Propulsion gels.  The Repulsion Jell acts like a spring that is designed to bounce the jumper higher than they can jump. It can exist for it is ordinary silly putty which is able to bounce really high depending on how far it falls.  If it can bounce off objects at falling speed what's to say that objects can't bounce off it if there's enough placed?  The Propulsion Gel reduces the friction of any surface it comes across.  This is just ordinary oils such as vegetable oils. Though I advise you not to try that at home, you will slip and fall.

The Turrets also exist, but contrary to what you see, they are not robots. They are what is known as a camera gun. A form of extreme security surveillance which shoots the intended target.  This particular camera gun has a speaker rigged to it with prerecorded phrases................Extremely specific and creepy prerecorded phrases.

The Companion cube also exists.  It's ancestor was known as the Pet Rock.  Like it, there is nothing the companion cube would do to displease it's companion.  Yet that didn't stop Chell from burning it.

Last but not least is GlaDOS herself.  I already went on and on like a broken record about AI however this subject is different. As this particular AI is based off of brain uploading.  A hypothetical process that involves uploading the human brain or consciousness onto a computer interface.  Unless this is proven, much like AI it is a Yes and No.  However much like AI there may be an exception. 

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I miss.  Stay tuned for more and I am off to find out if the cake really is a lie.

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