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Monday, 4 March 2013


Robocop was one of the most definitive movies in the 80s.  It was one of Paul Verehoevens first American feature films and one of Peter Weller's well known roles. The movie deals with corrupt business, freedom of humanity as well as the need for law and order. It has had 2 sequels, 1 television series, 1 animated series, tons of video games and comics and an upcoming remake.  As well as a kickass theme song that just screams determination.

Our story goes like this.  We have Alex Murphy, one of the top cops of the Detroit Police Department.  The Police have been privatized by Omni Consumer Products or OCP for short and due to cut backs the cops are at higher risks than they ever been before.  With plans of Old Detroit being built over, the CEO known only as The Old Man wants to make sure the city is crime free.  His right hand man, Dick Jones comprised the idea of ED 209, a fully mechanized law enforcement robot built to respond to any threat.  However things go wrong and the robot kills one of OCP's employees during a routine test.  When things go bleak, it is up and coming Bob Morton that saves the meeting with his Robocop project which is ready as soon as some poor cop "Volunteers".  Unfortunately, that poor cop so happens to be Murphy who is shot and killed during an arrest gone wrong.  His torso and brain are saved and put under total body prosthesis where he is reborn as Robocop. A cyborg that has 400 foot pounds of strength, the fastest reflexes money can by and is fully protected by a titanium armor from head to toe.  Everything seems successful until he regains his old memories. Robocop then goes off to find out who he is and more importantly who killed him.

Now the question is Could Robocop Exist In Real Life?

The answer is an emphatic yes.  For you see every aspect of Robocop has been essentially a frankenstein monster of modern medical and military grade technology. 

For starters we have the total body prosthesis.  The arms and Legs have been replaced by fully advanced prosthetic.  While their real life equivalents aren't that advanced, they are getting there.  However there is one item that is already their on the list.  The Artificial heart.  Surprisingly it existed before Robocop even existed.The first one was invented by Robert Jarvik in 1982 as a means to keep the body alive between transplants. Since then it has evolved to the point where it now a step closer to be used as an alternative to transplanting. Bill Schroeder was able to have his for 620 days or 1 and a half year.  Because of it's similarity to a car engine, the movie made an in joke about Yamaha one day having their own brand of artificial heart.  If that's the case and I need a transplant, I'm getting a hemi.

The second thing is the armor.  As said before it is a titanium plating laminated with Kevlar.  However other similar armors today have had better results.  As I mentioned in my Power Rangers article, like that, Robo's is essentially an armored exoskeleton.  A famous example would be Project Grizzly created by Troy Hurtubise who made an armor that was used to protect himself from bear attacks.  In fact he has on record said that his first armor prototypes were inspired by Robocop.

Last but not least is OCP.  It does exist, but don't worry it's not an evil company....yet. In fact its a defictionalization company.  They are dedicated to making products from movies and tv shows real.  From Tru-Blood, to Stay Puft Marshmallows and even Fight Club soap.  As we speak they along with many fans of the series are campaigning the Motor City to build a statue in Robocop's honor.  Still, I get the feeling one day they are gonna buy cops and kill an Alex Murphy to make their own personal Robocop.   Eh maybe I am just paranoid.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay tuned for more.

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