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Friday, 8 March 2013

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones has often been regarded as the Ultimate A-list B movie series. For it's intense action, over the top humor and horror on the supernatural level.  There have been 4 movies, a well regarded TV series and a whole lot of games and books.  Now before I get the basic plot out of the way I must get this elephant out of the room.  I do not hate Crystal Skull and those who do let it go.   First and foremost,  It's a Stephen Spielberg/George Lucas flick.  It should be no surprise to see aliens in it.  Second of all it was based around the a well known debatable concept that I will cover on this article. And third and foremost the Nuking the Fridge. One this entire series is based off of Movie Serials which have on occasion had their main characters escape impossible situations with nonsensical methods.  Two, this is also the same series that says you can survive falling out of an open plane with an inflatable raft. Get over it its not as bad as the Star Wars prequels.

Our story revolves around Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr.  A professor who teaches Archeology and goes on secret tasks for his museum of employment to recover rare antiquities.  Some of which take places in temples and caverns full of deadly traps.  The formula goes like so, he is hired to go after a certain artifact that contains a supernatural ability.  One of which is regarded as a religious item.  From here on in he goes into the Tug of War from hell as he and the enemies of the week  fight each other for possession of said item.

Now this is a little different since it focuses on each item of each film rather than the characters or plot devices.  Could It Exist In Real Life?

First and foremost the item that made the series famous.  The Ark of the Covenant, legend has it the ark contains the original ten commandments and according to the movie, could kill and rob the souls of people stupid enough to open it and look inside. It could exist but odds are it doesn't while the movie said it was found in Tanis Egypt however they are half right.  It seems among its abilities the Ark seems to have a habit of popping up in places all over Africa and Europe.  It has been rumored however that Howard Carter the famed Archeologist Jones was modeled mostly after discovered it's last location in the Legendary Boy King Tutankhaman's tomb.  I guess the Ark is with Top Men after all.  Top....Men.  But odds are like the other countries it left this one before they got their hands on it.

The Second Item is the Shiva Linga stone. One of 5 Sacred Stones given to Sankara to fight evil and now resides in a village to insure luck and hope that their crops will grow for food.   Surprisingly as controversial as this movie was, the stone exists.  It is called a Lingam which is a representative of the Hindu Deity Shiva. However unlike the movie where there was only 5, there are thousands, maybe even millions of stones all over all of Asia.  Each one representing something different in the religion.  As for Magical abilities I would have to see it for myself.

The Third Item is The Holy Grail.  We all know the story.  The cup that caught the blood of Jesus Christ and went missing.  It is also said that if the Holy Grail was proven true, that King Arthur as well as Arthurian Legend would also be proven true.  I at first didn't believe and item such as this could exist until I seen a Documentary.  Author Graham Phillips was actively searching for the grail and apparently he found it.  Throughout various clues he came into posession of a small stone cup which he believes to be the titular grail.  While most people call BS on it, I am a little more sketchy on it.  For one Jesus despite being prophesied as the son of God was often known as a humble carpenter in most of his portrayals. So its no surprise that his material possessions have no outer beauty to them.  However if this is the true grail I got one thing to say.  Change the name to Holy shot glass. Seriously if that is the actual holy F***ing Grail then Jesus must have been one hell of a drinking buddy.  But even if its not it watch the documentary to see for yourself It's called Author Graham Phillips and The Holy Grail Mystery.  He's not done though for he has been searching for other items of Arthurian and Christian Origin.  You could may as well call him Henry Jones Sr.

Now for my final words on the subject.  Like I said I would cover the whole aliens in Indiana Jones thing and I am doing that right now.  The entire aliens thing was based off a popular debatable topic on whether or not every god of every religion was really an alien in disguise.  That maybe all the divine power we have heard in stories was not only true, but basically a sign of advanced technology.  No I am not talking about Scientology.  Scientology believes every bit of religious example over the years was doctored including said divine power was just as fake as the people that claimed to have it.  What I am talking about though is that what if much of the power we claimed to see is really science we have yet to catch up with?  Even Indiana points out that the aliens in Crystal Skull were just Archeologists from another world.

As usual debate, argue and let me know what I missed.  Stay tuned for more. 

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