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Monday, 25 March 2013

Trick R Treat

It's not Halloween but I thought I would go over this movie because I have heard so much about it. Yet I haven't seen it yet.  However I know enough to know the basics. Trick R Treat is one of the most underrated horror classics of the 2000s.  While most people were preoccupied with waiting for Twilight to come out and others were waiting to jeer Rob Zombie's Halloween.  The only sane people in the vast majority of horror and macabre went to see this movie. The movie itself was based off a short cartoon called Season's Greetings which involved a creepy kid going Trick r Treating.  Since then there have been a series of promos, most famously the holiday themed ones in which said kid starts messing with the other holidays for kicks.  He's already bumped off the Easter Bunny, who knows what he'll do to Santa.

Trick R Treat was an anthology series that focused less on the story and more on the tradition of Halloween.  5 stories revolve around one character or another breaking a certain tradition whether they intend to or not.  However despite no focus on story it does have a pattern in the form of a little kid in footie pajamas and wearing a burlap sack for a mask who serves as a constant reminder.  His name is Sam and he's here to tell you that if you break the rules of all Hallows Eve, you die either by his hand or by the hands of others. 

Now I know what you are thinking "There's no way the stuff in this movie can possibly exist right?" Let's find out.

First let's start with the rules of Halloween.  There are 4 spoken rules and one implied. These rules are violently enforced by Sam and others who go by them.

Rule #1 Always wear a costume.  This rule is relevant since it's not Halloween if you aren't in one sort of costume or another.  Hell Sam himself didn't take much effort in his and yet he's still the scariest thing in the holiday.  However it's also crucial in real life for the following reasons.  The first is that if you were to get lost during the night and people call the police to help search for you, it's rather easy to spot you in your described costume than it is when you are in regular clothes. Especially if you customized it yourself.  The second reason and it's the most important, you are most likely to get candy in costume than you are just going as yourself.  Not everyone can pull the "Serial killers look just like everyone else." look.

Rule #2 Pass out Treats.  If you choose not to go outside the least you can do is help contribute to the other Trick R Treater's fun by giving out candy.  It could even save your life if not for a few minutes as proven when Mr. Kreeg had a run in with Sam.  In real life however it keeps your house from getting egged. Though if you run out of candy that's an entirely different story.

Rule #3 Don't blow out the Jack O Lantern's.  Halloween is not over unless the day itself is over and Sam is there to remind you that in the form of a jagged lollipop.. In real life on the other hand there is no consequence for doing's just rude.

Rule #4 Always check your candy.  Let Charlie be an example of why not only should you not steal from others, but you should always check your candy.  This is one of the more realistic rules since it not only applies to the movie, but also real life.  Unless you know the neighborhood really well.  You never really know what to expect when you are Trick R Treating. The candies could be drugged, poisoned and even some have razor blades embedded in them.  If there is any of those or other oddities that would harm you and or your children, call the authorities. 

And Rule #5 this rule is the only one neither spoken nor implied, yet we all follow it for our own safety.  Never go out alone.  This applies to real life as well because Halloween has had a record number of missing people. Most of them children.   This is mainly because the mayhem in Trick R Treating as well as the dark atmosphere would get any loner lost and at risk of bad things happening from muggings to even murder.   It's also way Rule 1 is highly emphasized since the majority people out on Halloween would be in costume. If your costume stands out its very easy for a parent, or a police officer to spot you should you get lost.  However if you are with a group of friends or family members you are more likely to come home safe.  Save for a severe stomach ache from eating too much candy. 

Now for the last one.  Could Sam Exist In Real Life? The answer is yes and no.  Sam is the embodiment of Samhain a celtic holiday that was believed to be the origins of Halloween. Back in those times should anyone not follow certain tradition, they were to be sacrificed to the gods.  Nowadays that's frowned upon. But that doesn't mean everyone doesn't stick to the old ways. 

As usual, debate, argue and let me know what I missed.  Stay tuned for more.

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