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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Captain America

What started out as a contraversal comic before their involvement in World War II and ended up as one of America's greatest prides.  Captain America was one the of crown jewels of comic book superheroes.  It was one of Marvel Comic's (Back when the main company was called Timely Comics)  first superheroes, the other two being an android called The Human Torch and Namor the Sub Mariner. The cover depicted here is still considered one of the most Iconic comic covers in the world along with Superman lifting a car in Action Comics #1.  However that didn't stop there. Captain America was also one of the first of Marvel's Superheroes to have his own adaptaion in the form of Movie Serials and was also the first and founding member of Marvel's greatest Superhero Team, The Avengers.  I first heard of the Avengers when I was a kid, I had the Super NES version of the game which I still find hard to beat.  However I never truely knew about the Cap and his Origins until watching the Spider-man Animated Series, which had an episode where Spider-man was trying to find the truth about his missing parents and further along in the Secret Wars.  Recently I found out that the Cap in that series was voiced by David Hayter, who I know as both Solid Snake and Guyver I.  That's right folks, the 70s may have had Reb Brown and the 2010s may have had Chris Evans, but we 90s nuts had Solid F***ING SNAKE!!! HA!!  But I ramble on, you guys didn't view this blog to hear me brag about who had the bigger badass to play the Cap. You wanna know if someone like Captain America can exist to day. Let's find out.

For those unfamiliar here's the story.  Steve Rogers was a frail and weak man, but he was extremely good hearted, strong willed and patriotic.  Too bad that's only half what the Army wants in a soldier.  After numerous times he got rejected from the Army. (Seriously this guy is dedicated.) A Scientist takes pity on him and volunteers him to be the prototype of a Super Solider Program designed to enhance the volunteer's natural abilities to near olympic level strength.  However after Steve gets his dose, the poor guy gets gunned down by Nazi spies.  The secret of the formula lost for ever.  This in turn pretty much caused the events of every bad thing happening in Marvel history, including Norman Osbourn's transformation into the Green Goblin.  That's right folks along with all other things Nazi's are to blame for Peter Parker's eternal torment, something One More Day didn't erase. Since then Rogers has fought in WWII, got frozen, thawed, became one of the founding members of the Avengers, got shot and now formed a Super Team between The Avengers and Xmen.

Captain America has been known for plenty of abilities such as Super Human Strength, Speed, and an Indestructible Shield that he could use as a boomerang. There's no way he can exist right?

Well as surprising as it sounds, he can exist.  Let's start with the Super Soldier Serum. Now before I go through it let me tell you something. Yes there have been many attempts to make a formula, machine and concept to enhance the human body.   The most popular mean I mentioned in my Dracula analysis, was blood doping which I still do not advise.  The other being anabolic steroids, which I also do not advise. However despite all the failed attempts at making one there was one succession, it's a fictional one, but it counts.  While details of the Triple S formula were not revealed, Marvel claimed that one of the key ingredients for it was potassium which has been known to be healthy for the heart.  In a later retcon the scientist in charge of creating the formula discovered before he died that the formula can also be created through a certain diet and exercise regimen which works but is more time consuming than just injecting Steve.  You heard it hear folks the key to becoming a Super Soldier is proper diet and exercise.  How that scientist managed to compress all that into a serum is beyond me, but it's Marvel they believe deals with the devil can warp reality.

The next item on the list is his shield or more specifically the metal it is made of, Vibranium. Among most properties it is can generate and absorb energy, is nigh indestructible and can ricochet off anything. Suffice to say the concept exists and the element has a real life equivalent, but this defictionalization is inconclusive. According to the closest thing to Vibranium is Ununseptium, both of which were created by particle accelerators. However unlike Vibranium, Ununseptium to this day is unstable and decays fast before any proper testing can be made.

So there you have it, if you want to be Captain America, eat right, exercise and consult a physicist on making a shield.

As usual debate, argue and let me know if I missed anything. Stay tuned for more.

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