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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Jurassic Park

Jurrassic Park was another crown jewel, but in it's own respects it was one of Crichton's well known best selling novels, and was one of Spielberg's top grossing films in the history of cinema.  It gotten many people interested in Paleontology much like how Indiana Jones got people into Archeology as well as one of the few mediums to spark popularity in genetic engineering.  Of course not many people know that and were more interested in the scene where the lawyer gets eaten by the T-Rex, but still there is not one person that either doesn't know Jurrassic Park, or doesn't like it.

The story begins with an incident on Isla Nublar where workers get attacked.  Renowned Paleontologist Alan Grant and his assistant Paleobotanist Ellie Sattler have been invited along with Chaotician Ian Malcom, by billionaire John Hammond, to a theme park where Dinosaurs were cloned and displayed.  Their job is to inspect and possibly endorse the park in hopes to appease the investors and make some money off it. They are joined by Tim and Alexis Murphy, Hammond's grandchildren, one of whom is an expert computer hacker. Interesting note here, in the book Tim was the hacker, while in the movie Lex was.   Of course since this is the guy that directed WestWorld it goes on as well as you expect.  Chief programmer Denis Nedry sabotages the security systems which causes the once electrical cages to shut down as well, and all hell breaks loose.  For the Dinosaurs once again freely walk the earth.

Since this is only one concept, this entry would probably shorter than the others. Could It Exist In Real Life?

Now as we know dinosaurs have existed in times before our time on earth, however there is possibly no way to bring them back right?  Wrong.  As our time goes by, our research in the fields of scientific discovery have often gave either glorious or disastrous results. One of which on the teeter totter between glory and disaster is cloning and genetic engineering.  1996 Scientists in Scottland managed to successfully clone a sheep.  They expected it to live for 11 years, but it died in six.  Mainly because it was put down since it was diagnosed with a lung disease and arthritis, but judging by what I have read there were some faults in the cloning process. As for Genetic-En, there have been many breakthroughs but the most famous was Chickensaurus.  This goes way back to when Paleontologist Jack Horner, whom Alan Grant was based off of, believed that Dinosaurs evolved from birds rather than reptiles.  The majority public thought he was crazy until a scientist  managed to reverse engineer a chicken egg which caused it to share traits of a dinosaur.  When I first heard about this I along with most people were amazed since this was pretty cool.  Once my inner fanboy calmed down the first thing I could think was "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?!" I mean yes its been something that people wanted to do, but should they?  Take away all the classic "It's unnatural and a slight against god." speeches and what do you got?  Jurrassic park the movie happening all over again. As Goldblum put it himself "Ooh ahh, that's how it always starts, but then there's running and screaming." In fact, and you guys are probably gonna think I am crazy about this.  I think this is how Earth started.  I think that some scientists made dinosaurs, they went amok, we nuked the place killing all but a few humans and dinos left to procreate again.   The worse part is, like the movie, warnings will be ignored until it bites them in the ass with sharp raptor teeth.

As usual, debate, argue and let me know what I missed. Stay tuned for more.

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