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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords was a very unique game, it was the first and only game that ever used multiplayer (I don't count Four Swords Adventure, because they are practically the same game hence why I refuse to do it in the series.) and it also introduced a villain, who is not only unlike Gannon, but rather than world conquest, he is doing it out of a crush.

The story begins with like most, a legend of a mythical hero chosen by the gods. This hero, sealed an evil wizard named Vaati into what is called the Four Sword.  Zelda and Link decide to check on the sword to make sure the seal is holding up.  Vaati breaks out and captures Zelda with the intent on making her his bride. Link then grabs the Four Sword and splits into four Link's (Stay back fangirls.) Each one color coded.  Unlike most series where the hero would need certain Items before they head to the bad guy's Lair, the Four wanna do the smart thing and attack the guy when he least suspect it, but due to plot convenience. (and a bunch of fairies that claim they aren't ready. COME ON THEY OUT NUMBER HIM FOUR TO ONE!!)  Tests them by sending them to three palaces before the big battle.

Like the game itself, this one is gonna be short because there are two items, but Can it Exist In Real Life?

The first Item is the Roc's cape, a cape that allows the player to glide over wide gaps in dungeons. Can it Exist? Yes, right now there is a wingsuit, which is designed for sky divers to Glide down from high places without the need of a parachute. Though for safety reasons they carry one anyway.  Do not attempt this without a skydiver's license.

The Second and final is the Four Sword itself. Mysticism aside, it is scientifically possible to split yourself into four.  It's called cloning, which does exist in real life and with the right Genetic manipulation you can give the clones different sides of your persona.  Though don't try this at home. I look at my previous don'ts with good humor, but I draw the line at Mad Science.

Like before, debate argue, and let me know if I missed anything. Stay tuned for Wind Waker.

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