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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks

Now I know what you are thinking "Another Twofer?" Yes, for a different reason though.  These games are the last two in the Wind Waker Trilogy so I figured might as well do them together.  But also because there are not many items I can fictionalize that I haven't with Wind Waker.  These two have an even stranger uniqueness. One being that in these two, take place in a somewhat more Modern Society, with steam ships and trains. Something teased at by Tingle's IPad in Wind Waker.  While Spirit Tracks is the most unique in one respect: Zelda Dies.

Phantom Hourglass takes place just after Wind Waker. Tetra and her crew disappears after discovering a ghost ship and Link has to go rescue them. Along the way he meets an amnesiac fairy named Ciela and Captain Lineback, who is reluctant to help Link.  They find the Ghost Ship, but upon entering, Link is told he needs the Phantom Hourglass, for a curse of death is upon him and he must keep it pouring or he'll die. To make matters worse in order to save Tetra and her crew, he must defeat Bellum before he could steal her lifeforce.  This would make it the second game in the series that makes the timer crucial to the plot. The first being Majora's mask.

Spirit Tracks takes place after the events of Phantom.Hourglass where Link and Zelda go to a land ruled by the Spirits of Good.  These Spirits were responsible for sealing a Tyrant named Malladus using the titular Spirit Tracks. A century goes by and Link becomes an Honorary railroad engineer. At that time Zelda warns Link about her adviser Cole being suspicious, so Link tries to help her escape, the tracks disappear and the train crashes in the process. Cole and Byrnes confront and defeat all three taking Zelda's body away. However her spirit remains with Link. That's right, for the first time ever Zelda is dead.  It's not even a spoiler, it happens in the beginning of the game.  Anywho they have to work together, restore her body, the Tracks and stop Cole from unleashing Malladus.

Now for the fun part, Could It Exist In Real Life?

For Phantom Hourglass, we have the Phantom Sword which is the only thing that can kill Phantoms. Could it exist in real life. Yes and No. While there is no sword that can do that to spirits however as explained in Link to The Past, if an item has incantations carved in them somewhere, like the Triforce on the blade of the Master Sword any power depending on what it was used for could work, in theory.  In the case of the Phantom Sword, that blue symbol engraved on the blade just above the hilt could be a Phantom Banishing spell. So any phantoms hit with that aren't killed (Since technically they are already dead.) They are Exorcised.

For Spirit Tracks, we have the Sand Wand. An object that can turn ordinary sand into solid constructs. Could it Exist? Yes, but not in that way. Sand can be solidified in intense heat turning it into Glass.  Strangely though Glass Blowers are often use wand and staff like poles to shape the glass before it solidifies.

Next we have the train cars.  While most are normal trains others seem impossible. Are they? Let's find out.

First is the Spirit Train. Despite the name it's just an ordinary Train. However there is one care of others that seems not likely to happen.  The Practical Cannon, which is designed to fire cannonballs to any target that's a threat to the train.  Could it Exist? Yes, though it was not likely to happen but since railroads began there have been weapons rigged to them. Mostly because at the time, not everyone was thrilled about railways being built and they needed to defend themselves and the workers. Cannons, catapults, even a the original Gatling Gun.  Still props to Link for doing Hyrule's first Drive By Railroad. A step up from his drive by horse.

The other is The Wooden Train.  I know what you are thinking and you are right, its a toy train, a really big toy train.  There's no way it could exist right? Well I did some digging and stumbled upon a clip on Youtube posted by CBS, as part of their Assignment America series.  A man named James Halverson had bought acres of land, just to build a life-sized toy train set.  When I watched it, it just gave me a warm feeling. If a guy like that could be creative in his imagination why not us? Excuse me there's something in my eye.

As usual debate, argue and let me know if I missed anything.  Stay Tuned For Skyward Sword.

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