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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Now this is by far the Latest and Greatest Legend Of Zelda Game in the world.  There's an old saying "If you can't move forward for a while, go back to the beginning." And that's what they did.  Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword was the first of everything.  It was the first game to explain the origins of Hyrule, The Origins of Gannondorf, why Link and Zelda have been destined to fight evil, why that Tunic is so important, and most important: The Origin of The Master Sword.  It is also the Last Wii Game Ever made before the Wii-U was released. That aside, this game holds a special place to my heart for more reasons than I would rather keep to myself.

The Story begins On Skyloft, a big Chunk of the world stuck in the sky. Everyone was prepared for the great Wing Festival an event where select students of the Knight Academy race their Loftwings, a giant bird like creature that is used for transport. The Winner gets to spend the day with a girl who was chosen to dress up like the Goddess Hylia.  This year Princess Zelda, is chosen to dress as the Goddess and Link is among the Racers. The other is Groose a jerk that has his eye on Zelda to her disgust.  Desperate she makes Link train prior to the event, but Groose sees through their plan and steal Link's Loftwing.  They get it back and train for the race.  Link wins and  spends the day with Zelda.  During that Time Zelda and Link fly until a tornado knocks her out of the sky.  Link now has to go down to the surface to rescue her, but first, a mysterious being seeks him out in the night. It goes by the name of Fi.  Fi coerces Link to the Goddess Statue, where he finds a sword, The Goddess Sword.  Fi is the spirit that resides in the sword and has chosen Link to be her master so together they work together, rescue Zelda and find out why she was taken.  However a man named Ghirahim has sinister plans for her. 

Now for the fun part, Could It Exist In Real Life?

First is the beetle, a remote control flying bug that is used to reach hard to reach spots and carry things.  Could it exist? Yes, there are dozens of remote control bugs, some are kids toys and others are robotic kits found in local hobby shops.  Some can even fly.

The second is the Sail Cloth, A cloth Link uses to slow his falls. Could it exist? Yes, like the Roc's Cape and the Deku Leaf it was based off a popular air-sport. In this case, Skydiving. Once again I must advise you not to try this unless you are a licensed Skydiver.

The Third is the Goddess Harp, our magical instrument of the game.  It's used to open trial gates and reveal the Time Gate using the titular song Ballad Of The Goddess.  Could it Exist? Yes, but not in the way you think it is. Like the Majora's Mask and Fierce Deity mask the Harp has significance to the deity it represents. Since the beginning of time there have been different ways to appease the deities, one of them being through music. From the Gospels in Christian Churches, To the Hawaiin Pele Dancing.  Even Atheists who have no religious belief whatsoever appease said beliefs through music and dancing.

Last but not least, there is the Goddess Sword, also known as the Sword that became the Master Sword. Much like Twilight Princess, The Sword demonstrated yet more unique abilities, from the Skyward Strike, a beam projectile charged by the sun and Dowsing. A technique used to track down the people and items Link needs to find at the time.  Could it Exist? Yes.  For the Skyward Strike as I explained before, is done through Solarizing. However it will not shoot a beam of energy at your enemies. For dowsing though that is a different story. Many warriors, both real and fiction often used their swords or signature weapons, not just for combat; but to guide them in the faith that their skill in cutting is just as good as their direction.

Now for my final words on the series. If you stuck by me since the first game, you may have noticed that I referred to the Princess, as Hylia Zelda.  That was no typing mistake. For in this game, Zelda wasn't just honoring the goddess. She was Hylia.  As I looked back in the games I noticed some clues that seem to make up Skyward Sword as a whole.  First being in Zelda 2, when the Prince made it a law to make all princesses named Zelda even though there were Zelda's before his sleeping sister.The second was in the Waker Series when Zelda went by the name Tetra during her stint as a pirate. I came to the conclusion that Zelda is the last name, and because the first bloodline was the Goddess Hylia herself it would make sense that not all Zeldas, but some would be named fully after her.  However this doesn't make sense since if it is the last name wouldn't the men of the family be named Zelda too?  Then I realized because the game series was of Japanese Origin, the last name would be first spoken and the first last. So switching the names around in the west would make her Zelda Hylia.  Where am I going with all this?  Througout the history of the game there were often mentions of the royal family, but never by name and it was usually the first name in the English Translation. For years I been trying to find the name of the royal family when I found out now, that it was in plain sight.  It was the Royal Family that founded Hyrule. Of all the races, the Hylians have been most prominent, and the first of it's founders, Zelda of Skyloft, is The Goddess Hylia in human form.  I conclude that the Royal Family's name is Hylia. And that Zelda is the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom Represented By Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom. Using all this, I conclude that Zelda the first of many,  is fully named: Zelda Nayru Tetra Hylia.

As usual, debate, argue and let me know if I missed anything. Stay Tuned for whatever else I will find.

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