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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Dawn of The First Day.  I figured since this entry would be published either by or after dawn it would be apporpirate to say that. Those words were etched into my brain ever since I played this game. For it would be the first of three I had left until the end of the world.  With the 2012 BS out of the way I thought I would talk about Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask since, like most Zelda fans when I think Apocalypse, I think of a giant moon with a demonic face crashing into the earth. This game has been the most unique game since three of it's predecessors, Zelda 2, Link's Awakening and and Ocarina.  Much like Awakening, this game has nothing to do with the traditional status quo since it doesn't involve Zelda, Gannon or the Triforce.  It involves Link again on his own in a new part of the world. The game has also 2 unique styles of gameplay.  It was the first and only Zelda game to have a timer, as well as new techniques for Link to use in the form of masks. It was also regarded as one of the darkest games to ever be given an E rating for it's apocalyptic aspect. So dark that when the next dark and edgy Zelda game came to be 8 years after, was instantly Rated T for Teen.

Our story begins after Ocarina of Time, Link leaves Hyrule to search for Navi, since at the end of the first game she leaves him.  All the "Navi is annoying" jokes aside, I think it's pretty heartwarming that he thinks about his friends even after adventures.   Unlike a certain alien in a police box, but I'll get to him soon enough. Anyway he then gets mugged by a Skull Kid wearing a very strange mask, and two fairy siblings.  Tatl, the yellow sister, and Tael the purple brother.   As a result, his horse Epona gets stolen and the Ocarina of time, which present day Zelda gave him as a reward for having present day Gannondorf arrested for his future crimes against humanity.  When Link catches him, the Skull Kid uses his powers to transform Link into a Deku Scrub. Those annoying bastards that shoot nuts at you.  Skull Kid leaves him there in a haste with Tael and as a result leaves Tatl behind.  Tatl, worried about her brother, forms a truce with Link to help him find the two.  Along the way they arrive in Termina and meet the Happy Mask Salesman, a minor character from Ocarina of Time.  He wants the mask that Skull Kid is wearing and will help Link return to normal.  The catch though is he is leaving in 3 days.  Link takes the deal and goes around looking for Skull Kid.  There was some difficulty because the villagers of Termina.don't take kindly to Deku Scrubs.   Racism in a Zelda game you know, for kids!!  However with the help of the help of Tatl, The Great Fairy, a gang of kids known as the Bombers, and an old professor, Link manages to find the Skull Kid on top of a clock tower.  Ok now I know Doc Brown is stalking me, I mean the previous game I analyzed had a lot to do with cause and effect in Time Travel, now the second game of the 64 series has a freaking CLOCK TOWER!? Ok getting off topic here. He finds the Skull Kid who reveals his plan: He plans to use the mask to pull the moon to the earth crushing Termina.  Before he can do, so Tael gives Link hints to places where he could stop it and Link knocks the Ocarina of Time out of the Skull Kid's Pocket.  Link retrieves it and after a brief cameo from Zelda, uses the Song of Time to take him and Tatl back to the first day.  The Happy Mask Salesman turns Link back to normal, leaving his curse to be nothing but a mask.  However when Link reveals he forgot to take the mask back, suddenly the Happy Mask Man isn't so happy anymore.  However he stops strangling Link, when he finds out Link can Time Travel, giving him plenty of time to recover the knowledge and equipment needed to stop the moon from crashing. He lets Link know that because his curse is now broken he can use the discarded mask to access the Deku's powers. This along with the knowledge of the Song of Healing allows Link to recover two other masks. The Goron Mask which gives him super strength and super speed in the form of rolling and the Zora Mask which allows him to swim under water without the need of a tunic.  With these powers and many more, Link must find Four Giants and learn their summoning songs in order to keep the moon from crashing, stop the Skull Kid, and save Termina. 

Now onto the fun part. Can It Exist in Real Life?

Now since this takes place right after Ocarina of Time, so items like the Bomchu are already covered. The only Item that is considered new to me is the Great Fairy Sword and the Masks. The former because the Razor and Gilded Swords are just Upgraded versions of the Kokiri Sword, ergo too obvious of a real life weapon to use.

The Great Fairy Sword was a gift from the Great Fairy in Ikana Canyon for helping her pull herself together, it works along the same way as The Master Sword as it can repel dark magic, but like the Biggorn Sword, it can also cause more damage than the regular sword.  However it's strange design and oddly colored blade would mean it wouldn't exist right?  Wrong, see as covered in my Link to the Past and Legend of Zelda Entries I have said that a magical weapon like the Wooden Sword or the Master Sword would need certain substances needed for magical protection.  I at first thought that when I seen the Great Fairy Sword, that it was just a painted up wooden sword.  However when I read about the damage it was quite capable of, I figured it must be made of a strong material too, but what?  I then figured it since it was a magical item, what other substances would it be made of if not wooden or metal. Then it hit me, it was made of molten Gem. Now before I could confirm it I wanted to see it that was possible. There were other game swords that used the concept of being made of gem, but that wasn't enough.  According to Discovery on the planets of Uranus and Neptune there was claim that NASA found oceans of molten diamond. Diamond is the hardest Gem in the world so if it can be melted, why not other gems?  The sword itself was green, red and purple on the blade. So that could be Ruby, Emerald and Amethyst, which symbolize Protection, Love and Power; three of the key ingredients to combating evil.

The next item we have is the masks, I already mentioned the three masks, but I'll get to them all. The Deku, Zora and Goron mask could and cannot exist.  In real life they wouldn't give you power, but what they represent along with the, Great Fairy Mask, Gibdo Mask and Captain's Hat represent a better power to the wearer.  With the exception of the first three due to their shapeshifting abilities, many of these masks are paper thin, you'd have to meet someone very gullible to fall for the disguise. However In most cultures when you receive a mask from a certain group, tribe, or gang. It symbolizes that you are an official member of that organization and would be treated as such by others that see the mask, no questions asked. This is what kept Link from getting attacked by the ReDead when he wore the Gibdo mask.  They knew all along he wasn't a member of their race, but they also knew that he has one over a respective member, and as such treated him no different. Same goes with the Circus Leader Mask, many people calmed down around Link due to the fact that he was wearing a gift from their relative, and as such treated Link like family.The Romani and Postman masks exist too, in real life they are called Job uniforms, wearing them makes you employees. In this case the postal and milk services.  However unlike the game you can't just wear a uniform and claim money to work there you have to actually employ. Link would have served time for fraud.  Masks such as the Bunny Hood and the All Night mask don't exist. The Bunny Hood does not allow you to run fast, because all it is, is Rabbit ears. Like I said in Past, your foot is the real speed. As well as the Kamaro mask, Link knew how to dance, he was just merely trying to be part of the group.  The All Night Mask though is somewhat true, as there are masks that contain certain substances that could help a person stay awake.  I will not mention any of them because those certain substances are dangerous and Insomnia is probably not a way to go. I'd say I'd be surprised about the use of such things in a kids game, but this is the same series that says, you can get drunk off Milk, and have hookers with healing powers.

Now the next series of masks are similar to the earlier ones above.  The Don Gero and Bremen Masks. They are designed to communicate with Frogs and Chickens respectfully. Could they exist? Yes and No. The Don Gero Mask isn't a mask per se, but a frog call, a devise designed to sound like a frog croaking.  This was mainly used to either hunt frogs or distract other animals during the hunt.  The Bremen mask however is not what causes the chickens to march, but rather the song that plays.  As mentioned in Link's awakening animals respond to certain sounds, and this is no exception. The Chickens knew how do to do this march, they just needed the song. 

I regret to inform you that the Blast Mask also exists.  Much like the Goron Tunic, this thing has another name: A suicide bomb. An explosive designed to blow up the wearer and take out anyone nearby and much like the Goron Tunic, I advise you readers, never ever try to recreate this mask, it will kill you, and whoever you decide to test it with.  Another elephant in the room I had to get out of the way.

Last but not least are the titular masks, Majora and Fierce Deity. This is another yes and no and I'll tell you why.  The no part is obvious, they won't give you powers. However the yes, is that much like I mentioned in terms of group acceptance, there are cultures that do believe that if they were the mask that represents their respective gods and deities, they will become that deity. The pro is that when that happens they get well respected, among their people.  The con however is that, not everyone is a believer. the ones that do believe would put it through their minds that if they kill their god, they'll become a god, putting the mask wearer at risk. Whilst the Non Believers would attempt to overthrow said god.  However the worst con and this has become very popular among tribes and dictators alike, is that the wearer would become mad with power and abuse it for his own selfish needs.  The scary part is that it still happens today.

Now before I conclude this one, there is just one more thing that is sure to jump your socks.  The Happy Mask Salesman.  For a guy that only sells masks, he sure knows his stuff about the supernatural, and is even aware of the protagonist's identity, no matter how many times you change the name.  And the Mask he was looking for was stolen from him. Said mask can control the world. Could such a fellow exist in real life? The answer is a big yes. For the Happy Mask Salesman is.......Shigeru Miyamoto.  The Salesman is what is known as an author Avatar, a person that represents the creator of the world the characters live in.  In this case it's Shigeru.  Xanauzumaki took it to the next level in his Majora's Mask Abridged series, by making him from a Stepford Smiling Salesman, to a reality warping homicidal maniac. If that is not proof enough that Happy is Shigeru, I don't know what is.

Oh and one more thing, there is a face on the moon, it is called The Man on the Moon.

As usual argue, debate, and let me know if I missed anything stay tuned for the Oracle of Ages/Seasons.

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