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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Men In Black

Men in Black was a very complicated franchise. It started out as a comic all about governing all paranormal activity on earth and then became one of the most famous movie series in the world.  However unlike the comic it only seemed focused on aliens and comedy rather than cover all sorts of Paranormal Activities, such as werewolves. It became so popular, that very few remember the comic. In fact if you ever went up and asked someone about MIB, they would answer "You mean that Will Smith movie with aliens?" However despite the movie overshadowing the comic it still contained various aspects that remain popular, such as the weaponry and gadgets.  This includes, but not limits to the Neuralyzer, a gadget that is used to wipe out the memory of civilians so that they are unaware of, both the trauma of said events, as well as keep the MIB a secret. Could It Exist In Real Life?

Now before I start I must say in advance, I am not a conspiracy nut, I do believe some conspiracy theories if there is a grain of truth to them, however not enough to try to seek out organizations or anything like that. This is a defictionalization site, not a conspiracy theory site.  However that does not mean I will delete any conspiracy theory comments. I welcome debates among the readers because I can not be right 100% of the time and odds are there is somethings even I don't know.

The first thing is the weapons, Series Four Deatomizor, Noisy Cricket and other weaponry.  They can exist only if aliens are proven to exist and I'll tell you why.  Many of the weapons and tech the MIB are either stolen or reverse engineered from species that have technology more advanced.  Some of which to add to their arsenal, whilst others have been patented and sold to make the money that funds their organization.  That in itself is nothing further from the truth, because there have been organizations, none of which as secretive as the MIB, that would get their funding from non government factions,  from Civil Rights Movements to Religious Cults. 

Next is the vehicles. As seen in the first movie, there is a red button on the gearshift, which when pushed, will turn the car into a jet on wheels.  Now this can also exist with or without alien technology.  There have been various ways on how to do it too, from using NOS to actually have a jet engine and turbine rigged to the car.  However I advise not to try that at home, because not only will you go bankrupt trying to make that an idea, you will also be in violation of every single road safety rule issued throughout the world and that'[s not scratching the surface.

Last but not least we have the neuralyzer.  It most certainly can exist.  While the neuralizer itself wipes out memories through the use of lights and electrical impulses. The concept however can be achieved in numerous ways.  The most popular is hypnotic suggestion, which has been used in psychology to help a patient relive their most tragic of memories. What's to say that they cannot reverse the effect and make you forget?

Now for the big one, can the MIB and all the things they police exist? Unfortunately that is debatable. There are organizations dedicated to finding and proving paranormal activities, but many of them are not as underground as the Fictitious MIB.  However as for proving the existence of the paranormal, that is really hard to say depending on who believes and who doesn't.  Sure there are people making videos of certain phenomena but no matter how true they may be there is always a grain of skepticism.  It's one of the reasons I remain neutral to the idea if is and isn't.  However I do believe there is something out there that can't be explained by the skeptics and that it just has yet to show itself.

As usual debate, argue and let me know if I missed anything.

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