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Monday, 25 February 2013

Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street was often considered one of the top contenders of the "The Christmas Movie"  A special unofficial rank among movie fans, Christmas enthusiasts and all around good people in general. it was also one of the first mediums to come up with the name Kris Kringle as an alternate name for Santa Claus and even pointed out the other different names in different nationalities.  The movie was remade 3 times, one of which stars now former child star Mara Wilson, who you might know as Matilda. She takes the role from another well known actress, Natalie Wood.

The story goes like so.  Kris Kringle, a kindly old man notices that a mall Santa is drunk before the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.  He has the man reported to Doris Walker, one of the major employer/ees who hires him right away as the replacement.  Because of his great job at it, he is hired to be a full time Mall Santa.  Here it goes both up and downhill with subplots: For starters Kris directs one shopper to another store that sells what she is looking for, causing her to be a loyal customer for Macys.  This in turn causes their rival Gimbels to do the same with their customers, giving a temporary truce between the two.  Next we have Doris' daughter Susan, she was raised to not believe in Fairy Tales or other practical children's beliefs.  With the help of Fred Gailey, a lawyer and Doris neighbor/friend/love interest; visiting Kris and witnessing him communicate with a Dutch girl in her language, her faith begins to teeter totter on whether or not Santa is real.  Doris, who doesn't want her daughters feelings hurt tries to convince Kris to tell Susan he is not Santa Clause.  To her surprise, he insists that he is Santa.  So they offer a Psychological Evaluation to determine if Kris' delusional mind makes him dangerous.  However the man heading the evaluation,  Dr. Granville Sawyer is determined to prove he is.  This is strengthened by the fact that not only does he pass, but Kris managed to tick off the Dr. further by Psychoanalyzing him.  The last subplot involves Kris and Fred working together to put a stop to both Susan and Doris' disbelief in him.  It all comes around after a confrontation between Kris and Sawyer involves Kris getting arrested and put on trial.  It is then up to Fred Gailey to prove in open court that Kris Kringle is Santa Claus.

Now for the fun part Could Santa Claus Exist In Real Life?

Now let me go on record and say that while I remain neutral.  I personally believe in the existence of Santa Claus.  As for why I am doing this in February rather than December, well I feel the exact date of certain things should never really matter.  And to answer the unasked question.  I believe that he exists in spirit as a representation of all that is good in the world.  He may as well be the world's first superhero. However you guys are looking for more than hearsay, so here goes.

Santa can and has existed in various forms.  The most common is Saint Nikolaos of Myra or Saint Nicholas for short.  He was a 4th Century Greek Bishop who helped the poor in secret by sneaking in their homes and placing purses of gold in their homes at night.  However there were others.  The Dutch named Sinterklaas is where the name Santa Claus originated arrived by steam boat rather than sleigh. Instead of gold to the poor he was known to give gifts, chocolate letters and spice nuts to good children; whilst the naughty literally have to do community service delivering them. The Norse named Jolnir who was the inspiration for another movie "Santa Claus: The Movie"   As well as England's Father Christmas, who was known to wear green instead of red.  This attire was what inspired The Spirit of Christmas Presents look and Jolly personality.  However these are more or less regarded as myths and while myths can go either way. You all want to know if there is a real life Santa.

In a town called Hooksett, New Hampsire, a former engineer named Dick Marshall decided to spend the rest of his making Toys for kids every Christmas.  This man not only makes the toys with his "Elves" He also changed his appearance to look the part as Santa Claus.  The best part is the toys, the pictures and other things he offers are all for free. This man did all that kindess for $0.  And he isn't the only one. Many Santas pop up out in different countries.  Each one doing good deeds in various forms.  Much like the guy that made his own life sized train set, I have something in my eye.

As usual debate, argue and let me know if you know anyone that has done deeds that make them deserving of the title "Santa Claus."  Stay tuned for more.

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