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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Justice League

In Spring of 1960 the Justice League broke new grounds. It was one of the most well known super hero teams and the second of 3 teams in DC alone.  The first being the lesser known Justice Society which formed many of the All Star Comic heroes such as Jay Garrick (The first Flash.) and Alan Scott (The first Green Lantern) and the Third being Teen Titans.  However the Justice League was more well known because the founding members consist of the DC Trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) Along with Barry Allan (The second Flash), Aquaman and Hal Jordan (The second Green Lantern).

The Origin goes like so, a major disaster alerts the 6 who all show up to deal with it, except for Batman and Superman who are busy dealing with their respective duties in their parts of the world.  A giant starfish named Starro the Conqueror sets out to take over the world (OF COURSE!!!)  by spreading his minions and controlling the minds of every living creature.  The league of course being in his way of said goal.  They of course beat the fish and decide to form a team from now on.

Now for the big question, Could The Justice League Exist in real life?

Before we answer it lets take a look at the League's original members.

We have Batman, a billionare playboy who moonlights as a vigilante and spreads fear to criminals.  Suffice to say he can exist in real life.  His real name is....Prince Harry of Wales.  I am not even joking about that.  When people hear his name they think of two things.  One is the well known rowdy prince that has been in the tabloids so many times. The other thing goes deeper than that.  In may 2005, Harry joined the British Army under the name Officer Cadet Wales and even served during the war in Iraq. However he was never deployed despite his protests. This was out of fear of the Prince's capture.  That didn't stop him though for he went to Canada to train with the armed forces there. and was secretly deployed in the Helmand Province in Afghanistan.  There he along with both the U.S. and Gurkha Troops helped repelled an attack caused by the Taliban.  He was the first Royal to fight wars since his Uncle Prince Andrew flew.  Decades afterwards he has been promoted to the rank of Captain and is now a helicopter gunner.  Captain Wales, as he is called in the Military would be returning from Afghanistan this year and like the Dark Knight he too made some enemies in the fight against the Taliban. Zabihullah Mujahid being one of them claiming that they are using all their power to get rid of him. To further cement his status as the real Batman a quote from Batman Begins should be let known, from Carmine Falcone.  "You're Bruce Wayne, the Prince of Gotham, you'd have to go a thousand miles to meet someone who doesn't know your name."  Yes it was a figure of speech in Wayne's case but it fits in the case of Harry.  The party animal personality has always been a mask, his real face is the one they now fear in darker parts of the middle east.

Next we have Superman an alien with the powers of a god sent to Earth from a dying world to save us from a similar fate.  Unfortunately this one is a yes and a no.  The no being that until proven otherwise, there are no humanoid aliens on earth nor do they have similar powers to Superman.  However there is still a yes in the matter.  Many selfless courageous people have often come close to being the kind of person Superman. In fact when I googled the term "Real Life Superman" one always shows up more frequently than most.....Christopher Reeve.  For those who don't know Christopher Reeve was the actor that had played Superman for 4 movies.  He showed that if you are a good enough actor you could play the double role well, in his case being Superman and Clark Kent.  Many people still to this day think they are played by two different actors.  Reeve, unfortunately didn't last too long.  In 1995 during a horse riding accident, Reeve became a quadriplegic.   However he refused to give up on his life, he continued acting from the Remake of Rear Window, to his notable guest appearances on Smallville where he personally passed the torch to Tom Welling.  Reeve also spent the rest of his life researching spinal cord injury, in hopes that he along with others in his situation would be able to walk again he was even able to regain control of most of his body starting with his finger.  Unfortunately it was too late, for he died of a pressure wound in 2004.  However much like the Man of Steel his Legacy lived on in more ways than one.  His kids, Mathew and Alexandra Reeve are now the board of directors of the Christopher and Dana Reeve foundation and even Superman himself payed his respects in the form of a comic I still have yet to find.

For anything on Wonder Woman click here.

Then there is Green Lantern, a soldier who is given a ring by a dying alien. This ring gives him the ability to create constructs using nothing but his will power and imagination.  He also becomes the first human to join the Green Lantern Corps.  An intergalactic police force.  Now the ring does not exist.....yet. However the willpower it represents does.  Its the thing that drives a person to do feats they never knew they could.  As for the corps and Hal's uniqueness of being the first of his race to Join is a concept that has been long forgotten.  Many wars now you would have to be a citizen of your own country to join the army. However since long before WWI,  it didn't matter if you were American, English or Canadian, if you were willing to fight you could join an army of your choice.  The War of 1812, for example the British loyalists accepted Native Troops which helped them win in the end.  

Martian Manhunter is another can of the last martian of a thought dead world who leads a double life as a human cop.  He can exist in real life, but not in the way you think.  Over the years science has proven the existence of Bacterial Life on Mars. Many scientists have often debated whether or not life on Earth had similarly evolved from bacteria as well.  Odds are that J'onn J'onzz had lived and the rest of his race rather than dying devolved into the bacterial mix of whence they came.

Last but not least there is Aquaman. He could exist.  The reason its could instead of yes and no is simple.  Take away the fact that he is a mythological Merman, in order to prove he exists, you have to prove that Atlantis, The Lost Sunken Island exists as well.  For Aquaman, is King of said domain.

Update: But wait there's more, I already assessed the possibility of each individual superhero. However I never gotten around to saying whether or not a Justice League, a League of various superheros could exist in real life.  Well I can say that they do.  In Seattle Washington there exists a group comprised of 10 people that go around the streets of Rain City to stop crime wherever they go. They are known as the Rain City Superhero group.  Among them are Buster Doe, Red Dragon, and Pheonix Jones.  When I first heard about this group I was a little skeptical at first.  However after hearing about all they accomplished I was in pure Awe.  However my awe aside I do not encourage anyone reading this to do what they do.  These guys are risking both jailtime as well as their lives fighting crime in their city and while it is meant to inspire people, even they point out that the group does it so no one else has to.
As usual debate, argue and let me know if I miss anything.  Stay tuned for more.

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