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Sunday, 3 February 2013


Welcome to "Could It Exist in Real life". This site is dedicated to defictionalization. A study to see if certain topics of fictional mediums could exist either literally or theoretically. The mediums include, Books, Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, Anime, Video Games, and New Media.  Now these defictionalizations range from, gadgets, scientific theories and superpowers.  Yes, you heard that folks superpowers.  I put more emphasis on that for the following reason.  Many superpowers  are often split into three factors.  One, is that they are exaggerations of natural abilities that living being have. Two, performance enhancing chemicals and technological prosthetics.  Three, supernatural abilities. The latter is often debated, but its also been talked about since the beginning of time. So I treat it just as true. Does that mean I believe it's true?  It really depends, but I remain neutral on the subject, you can debate in the comments below.  Here's how the site goes. I will post one entry at a time of a different fictional medium.  I will discuss the possibilities of said defictionalizations existing either in literal form, theoretical form or both.  Then I would also talk about the pros and cons of said defictionalization.  However I shall not have all the fun. In the comments below I leave it to you to discuss things I missed or different facts and opinions. I will also use theories that have been discussed by other theorists off of shows and should I find a difference of either fact or opinion I will post that as part of it.  I do not however allow trolling. If someone trolls on my blog I shall block their comments.  Aside from that have fun and stay tuned.

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