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Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Wolf Man

Much like Dracula did for Vampires and Frankenstein did for the living dead. The Wolf Man popularized Werewolf.  However unlike the other two, this was the only one of the Universal Monster Trio that didn't have any source material. That's right folks, although werewolf legends have been very well known before this movie was made, The Wolf Man was neither based off a book, it was the first and only of the three that was from scratch.  The film also starred Lon Chaney Jr., the son of Lon Chaney Sr. Many movie geeks would know Sr. as "The Man of 1000 Faces" due to his trademark mastery of Make-up effects acting.  Jr. was no pushover either. While I have read about The Wolf Man, to this day I never seen it.  I wasn't afraid it would suck, but if the first two guys could pull of Drakey and Franky, then Wolfy would not be too far ahead. You heard it here folks, you are reading from one of the few people so scared of a movie that he hasn't seen it yet. It's that effective.  While I haven't I know the plot by heart.

The story begins with Larry Talbot, who went home to Wales, to reconcile with his father John following the death of his brother. While there two things happen, he falls in love with Gwen Conliffe, a local girl who runs an antique shop.  The second thing, he purchases a walking stick with a rather strange, silver wolf shaped handle.  Both Gwen and the villagers express their belief in werewolves through a poem:

Even a man who is pure of heart, and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf, when the wolfbane blooms and the Autumn moon is bright.  

Later that night Larry Rescues Gwen's friend Jenny from what looked like a Wolf attack. He kills it, but is bitten in the process.  He finds out from a gypsy that the wolf that bit him was also a Werewolf and soon Larry will turn.

Now for the moment at last, Can It Exist In Real Life?

If you already read my Vampire theory on Rabies and Blood Lust you'll know the same rules apply to the spread of the Werewolf epidemic through biting and scratching. As for the rest of the physical transformation and growth  that is a different story.

First and for most the excessive hair, while the odds of that happening on a full moon is rare, there exists a real condition that does share similarity's to Chaney's wolf form.  This condition is known as Hypertrichosis, a condition that involves abnormal hairgrowth around the face and sometimes, the whole body. In fact the layman term for the condition was known as "Werewolf Syndrome"

The second is the full moon, whilst there has been no proof on anything regarding werewolves, there has been claim that a full moon attributes with problems in regard to mental health. The word Lunatic, was derived from the latin word Luna, for moon.  This was later to be considered Junk Science, however it's not all the way implausable.  Many crazy acts have often been attributed, to the belief that the moon is the cause rather than being the actual cause.

The third is growth in height. This can happen.  When the sun is set and the moon is out, the tide raises due to the moons gravity slightly pulling it up.  However water isn't the only thing. You may not know it but whenever night hits you actually grow a few inches to a foot high. That is because the moon is slightly pulling you up, while the earth is keeping your feet down.

Last but not least is the primitive mindset.  Now I already talked about the rabies and blood lust, however that is only half the werewolf mythos. The other half is the mindset.  During said transformation, the adrenaline rushes beyond human levels, but at a price. Because of the adrenaline rush.the senses are heightened at near super human levels allowing said wolf to have strength speed and a high sense of hearing and smell. However the price paid is that his mind now listens to instinct alone, which causes him to become very territorial. As shocking as it may seem every attack Talbot ever inflicted was in self defense. In his own mind he was an animal and that anyone, friends, foe, complete strangers, was invading his privacy and like any territorial animal, they defend what's theirs. However like real adrenaline, this rush wears off and his reasoning returns. This in turn causes him to be remorseful for his actions and fearful of what he may do in the future.

Now for my final words on the matter. The Poem was the important part of the role of the wolfman because it said in exact words, that anyone could be a werewolf.  It doesn't matter if we are very good and even say our prayers at night, for inside exists an animal that is waiting to explode out of us.  The question is how will you handle yours?

As usual debate, argue and let me know if I missed anything. Stay Tuned Next Time.

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