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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Legend Of Zelda: Minish Cap

Honey I Shrunk LINK!!!! Now that I gotten that out of the way.  Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, this was a very weird game even by Zelda standards. However like most Zelda games, it has some uniqueness to it. It introduced a new race, the Picori and it also gave us the origin of the Four Sword as well as being the second of four games to give origin of Link's clothes. Specifically the cap on his head.

Our story begins with another legend.  Of a man who sealed monsters and demons in a chest locked by a sword, known to the village as the Picori Blade.  In thanks to the Picori for their help, they host a celebration once every 100 years called the Picori festival.  During the recent one, Link was invited by his childhood friend Zelda, to attend the festival with her.  Link had to go anyway since his grandfather, the local blacksmith in Hyrule, tasked him in delivering a Prize Sword to the winner of the Sword Fight Competition.  The winner turns out to be Vaati. Who was also given the opportunity to touch the chest that the Legend foretold and for those who played Four Sword, you know what happens next.  Vaati was after a great power he believed was in the chest, but to his stupidity all it did was unleash the monsters previously sealed.  Angered, Vaati turned Zelda into stone and knocked Link out.  When Link recovered he became tasked to restoring the Picori Blade to full power in order to release Zelda. The reason he is chosen is because the Picori could only be seen by Children.  Along the way he meets a talking hat named Ezlo who uses Link to carry him around and can shrink him down to micro size so he can talk to the Picori. With their help they manage to reforge the blade, but it was dangerously underpowered.  In order to stop Vaati, they needed to gather the four elements that are needed to make it become the Four Sword.

Now for the fun part, Could It Exist In Real Life?

The first item on our list is The Gust Jar.  What it does is suck up cobwebs that get in the way of doors and other passageways. It also doubles as an air cannon that can propel Link across the water when on a lilypad raft.  Could it Exist? Yes, as it is just a vacuum, in fact most vacuums have a blow feature that clears away dust so you can send it outdoors. Though I would advise not to use it as a raft propeller.

The next Item is the mole mitts. Link uses these to dig for items. Could it Exist? Yes and No.  Though they haven't been invented, it is based off said animal digging holes through the claws.  I personally would like to see someone make one of these.

Last we have the jabbernut. This nut is so Link could understand and communicate with the Picori in their language? Could it Exist?  Yes and no, it is impossible to learn a language instantly by eating a magic food.  However it is possible to be in the state of mind of learning a language by eating certain foods.  When the brain enters a state of Theta or the state between awake and asleep, your subconsciousness could be more receptive to learning things. In Link's case he was in a state of Theta and learned the language by hearing them speak it.

Now the list is short due to the obvious reasons why, so I'll put one more thought. Can the Picori Exist in Real Life? The answer is yes, but not in the way that you think.  The Picori are a combination of imagination and folklore.  The imagine part being that they only exist, if you believe in them, since only children can see them it's obvious.  The fairy tale part though is a different story.  Among most things, the Picori are based off the well known fariy tale: The Elves and The Shoemaker.  Where a shoemaker needs money to pay the rent, he does a good deed by giving his last pair of Shoes to a needy lady.  When he is asleep, tiny elves make more shoes in his stead so he can sell more.  What really lampshades this, is that in one task, Link and the Picori help a sleeping shoemaker create the Pegasus Boots.  Other folklore they are based off of are elementals, which have also been known as fairies which also show up frequently in the game. 

As usual, debate, argue and let me know if I missed anything.  Stay Tuned for Twilight Princess.

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