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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has been considered the definitive Zelda games as well as considered to be the greatest Nintendo game of all time.  It was the first of 4 of the original games to be remade and redistributed in different consoles such as the gameboy advanced, and Nintendo Wii's virtual console.  This game holds a special place in my heart, because it was the first Zelda game I ever played in my life. When I was a kid I seen a trailer for the game and wanted it. I got it and I have been hooked on the series. It was only years later that I found out the trailer I seen was for Ocarina of Time which I will get to next time.  This game among things also introduced new aspects.  It was known to be the first and only game to featured a purple haired Link. (Due to a color error that was corrected in the advance version.) And introduced new items, among them was the coveted Blade of Evil's Bane: The Master Sword.  Normally this would be the part where I introduced plot first so I apologize if my story did the following: Made you cry or wasted your eyes.

The story begins with a war in Hyrule. The Triforce was now in the Sacred Realm which used to be opened for all to witness. Until an asshole named Ganondorf decided to steal it for himself. Since then, the Sacred Realm changed pouring dark power into Hyrule. Many Hyruleans drawn to that power are never heard from again.  The King of Hyrule (yes they do have a King, Princess title complainers STFU)  fed up with this, called upon the power range....duh I mean Seven Sages to lock up the Sacred Realm. Gannondorf anticipating this sent many monsters into the world to defeat them. At the cost of most of their lives, The Sages sealed the gate to the Sacred Realm and Hyrule was at peace for the umpteenth time. Something about this plot seems kind of familiar: A war between the forces of good and evil with the villain having a source of ultimate power.  Nah it could just be a coincidence.  Anyway during this peace, several disasters happened such as pestilence and drout. The King thought maybe the seal loosened, but it turned out not to be the case. He offered a reward to anyone that could help solve this problem. A wizard named Agahnim, (who I still can't pronounce the name properly to this day.) uses his magic to solve the problems.  The King, not only rewarded him but offered him a position of power.  Little did he know Agahnim had a sinister plan. Several maidens, who were descended from the Seven Sages, have disappeared and now even the royal guards are under his control. The King was nowhere to be found.  Princess Zelda, knowing she would be next sent a telepathic call to anyone that could hear. And who better to listen than Link. However it seems he is not alone for his Uncle (Ya a recurring theme in the recent Zelda games starting with this, is that there was always some guardian looking after Link.)  arms himself and goes out. He tells Link to not come with him.  Link not one to follow orders, follows his Uncle outside. Where he receives further telepathic call on how to sneak in to the castle. He sneaks in through the sewers to find his uncle wounded.  His Uncle instructs him to take his sword and rescue Zelda.  Which he does in the nick of time too, since it seems that Zelda was the last descendent of the Seven Sages Angahnim needs in order to break the seal.  After rescuing Zelda they discover to their horror, that the King had been murdered. So she tells Link to take him to a sanctuary hidden on the other side of town, accessed by the secret passages of the castle.  They succeed and she informs him that in order to beat Agahnim, he needs the Master Sword. Now you would think this would be easy right? Wrong for he finds out that he is now wanted for murder and kidnapping.  Wow it must suck to be Link. Let's start again: He gets a call for help, his Uncle leaves him, his uncle gets killed, he is tasked with killing guards under mind control, to rescue a princess, find out that her father's been murdered as well, he needs help from the most powerful weapon in the world, kill the villain and at the same time clear his name for crimes he didn't commit.  They weren't lying when Nintendo said this was the greatest game.

Now that I gotten that out of the way here is what you all been waiting for. Could it Exist in Real life.
Since many items in the the game have already been mentioned in the previous entries, there is no need to go through them again. However there are some new ones that do deserve mention.

Now the first item I should mention is the tunics. While the color changed existed since the first Zelda Game, this one defined a true reason.  Each Tunic was now able to take a certain amount of Damage.  The Classic Green is essentially Link's regular clothes so he would be more vulnerable to attacks. The Red Mail reduces the attack damage by 1/4 and the Blue Mail reduces it by 1/2.  Could they Exist? Yes. Notice the names of the other 2 have the name "Mail" in them. The only other mail that has been related to clothing is Chain Mail. Metal Loops that link together to form a light armor.  This item of clothing was commonly used by Knights so they could have a lighter weight protection, as opposed to armor plating.

The next item is Pegasus Boots.these replace the boots in Zelda two in terms of crucial footwear equipment.  The Pegasus Boots, allow the wearer to run at great speeds making them strong enough to knock items off platforms and break holes in cracked walls.  Could they exist in real life?  Yes and no. There are shoes advertized with claims to make you run faster, but it's not true.  Shoes and boots are designed to absorb the chock of impact between your foot and hard surfaces, such as rock or concrete.  It is actually the foot that causes the speed control and running.  If you were to run on a hard surface with your bare feet, you wouldn't get to far because eventually your feet would wear and give from the constant impact of each foot hitting the ground and propelling you forward.  If you wear a shoe with enough padding the impact would be reduced however that is only part of the solution. The other part is that you would have to have enough traction, meaning your shoe would need to grip the ground more inorder to propel you further and increase speed. Long story short the real Pegasus Boot is your foot not a shoe.  You just need a tire for it.

The next item was another new one at it's time, the Hookshot.  It's a grappling hook that latches onto any catch-able surface and propels you to where the hook is embedded. This is used to reach hard to reach spots and climb places where there were no stairs or ladders.  Could this exist in real life? Another yes and no.  There have been variations of the grappling hook that have existed in real life from the medieval times to now.  However this variation has never been made.  It is however theoretically possible to make.  First let's take the basics out.  For a hook shot you need the shooter, the hook and the chain connected to it. The chain and hook are easy to make, however the shooter not so much.  In order to make one to coexist with the times it would have to be spring loaded twice.  Once so the hook can be loaded and the other so it can rewind the chain. However such a thing can not be properly working due to the following. One you need enough chain length for various shootings at certain distances. Two you need to make it big enough for the entire chain length to wind itself back. To do so you would need to make the shooter big enough to store the chain.  And 3 you would need really strong springs, because odds are overuse of the hookshot could damage it and the person using it.  Do not attempt to make such a device without the proper safety experience.

The Next item is The Magic Cape. This Cape is made to turn the wearer invisible so he would sneak in areas undetected. Could this exist? Yes, infact it's already been made.  Before this item there have often been means of camouflage, be it wearing clothes with the colortones of each environment, or simply gluing grass and leaves to you.  However according to Huffington post, this particular item  bends the light of the surrounding area in order to create the illusion of invisibility. Best part is it doesn't require batteries or any source of power.

Last but not least we have The Master Sword itself. This sword among most abilities can repel, reduce and destroy any evil that it touches as demonstrated when Link deflects dark energy balls thrown by Agahnim. It is called the Blade of Evil's Bane for that reason alone.  Could such an item exist in real life? As mentioned before I am a neutral in terms of Magic and other supernaturals however I can most certainly tell you that it can exist. As a sword itself anyone could make one of similar appearance. There have been replicas made and some even used in North American trailers of the game. However to truely make a master sword you would need the right blade.  Because it's a blade that is supposed to combat all forms of evil you need to make a blade capable of doing so.  The blade itself should be made of a pure metallic substance. Anything that dilutes it with impurities,  would make the blade worthless in a battle against evil.  These pure substances could range from Iron, Lead, Copper, Gold and Silver.  Silver is the most recommended because of both it's holy origins and the overall appearance of the blade. The next thing  is protective spells. It was initially thought that the Triforce engraved on the blade was to honor the the creators of the Triforce. However looking at books such as "Key of Solomon." I come to theorize a possibility that they are also intentionally carved as a protective incantation.  While the sword is pure and powerful, it doesn't mean it can't be tempered with. Twice in Link to the past has the Master Sword been reforged. The first turned into the tempered sword. I can explain that the reddish appearance of the blade as result of the silver being reinforced with Copper. Whilst the next time it gets tempered with it becomes the Golden Sword, which is obviously gold.  Both metals make the Sword more heavier, so it can cause more damage, as well as more powerful in the magical level since gold and copper are also pure.  I recently looked at the timeline and it gave me a theory as to why since Link to the Past takes place before Zelda 1 and 2 the Master Sword doesn't make an appearance. My reasoning is 2.  1. The tempering of the blade created the Magic Sword. 2. After the battle with Ganon the Master Sword, now a golden sword couldn't be used and was promptly destroyed.  Hopefully though 1 would be more correct, but that's up to Shigeru.

As usual let me know if I missed anything and I hope you enjoyed this entry.  Stay Tuned for Link's Awakening.

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