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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening

The Legend Of Zelda Link's Awakening is another unique game.  Much like, Link to The Past, it was the first of it's respective console (Past, being for Super NES and Awakening being for GameBoy..)  Only unlike Link to The Past, it wasn't the only game for the GameBoy game, but I'll get to that later. Also its the first game not to involve Princess Zelda.  Nope, this game was all about Link in his quest to become a better warrior. 

It starts with Link sailing across the seas, where he got a boat is a mystery to me but it doesn't last too long.  He finds himself sailing in rough waters and a thunderstorm knocks him off the boat and onto the near by Koholint Island.  He is found by a girl named Marin and her father Tarin, who wake him up. They tell him where he is right now and he already wants to leave. I wouldn't blame him if I was washed up in an Island, and taken to a room, I don't know where, while I was sleeping, I'd want to leave too.  Well on the plus side at least the girl wasn't named Annie Wilkes.  Anywho he tries to leave the island, but could not, for he is told that in order to leave the island he must wake the windfish who is housed in a giant egg and requires 8 musical instruments to waken it from it's eternal slumber.   Of course that would be a piece of cake however, he finds out the horrible truth.  The island is a dreamworld and everyone he has met, fought or made friends with was all an illusion and if he wakes the fish they would all die. To make matters worse if he doesn't wake the Windfish not only would he be trapped, there's an Evil being called, The Nightmare is trying to take over the island.  Long story short, if he winds they die, if he loses they die.

Now on to the fun part. Can it Exist in real life.This is gonna be a short one because many items of this game are the same as the ones in the previous.

Let's start with the following first of all the entire game is in a dream world, that's obvious however many of the elements in said dreamworld can exist in the real world since they are part of your own mind. This also helps explain in the game that despite Link (and to an extent the player.) dying he comes back. 

Case in point, the secret medicine.  This shares the same properties as the potion for it can heal a person however unlike most potions in the previous games which are drank, this one is actually rubbed on the body. There are many medicines both over the counter and holistic that have healing properties. However each heal differently depending on what you use.  First is hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. These two are designed to clean out the wounds allowing them to heal uninfected.  The second is alloe vera which when rubbed onto the skin prevents scarring of the flesh. The last is vitamin E, which moisturizes and hydrates the skin preventing imperfections.  Since Link is practically being cut and scratched by monsters and bad guys alike it is obvious this potion shares traits from all three.

Next is the Ocarina.  I ignored the one in Link to the Past because of two reasons.  One is the obvious, due to mistranslation the Ocarina in Past, was called a flute.  So in North America on a technicality, it's not an Ocarina. Two, I couldn't find a logical explanation to how a duck would transport a grown person to different land marks.  However for both Past, and Awakening, I do have good reasoning to how it's other functions would work.  For the duck, many animals can hear noises from a far away distance. If one was trained to respond to a certain song, depending on their hearing range, would be able to follow said song to you. As for waking things up that's a different story. When a person or an animal is in a state of REM (Random Eye Movement.) waking them up by shaking them or even yelling may not work and could in the process damage them physically.  When responding to a certain sound or song however, they could be waken as easy as being waken by a loud noise.

Last but not least is not an item at all it is called a Chain Chomp. In this game Bow Wow, (a Chain Chomp pet which is essentially a ball with Teeth on a leash.) becomes crutial in Link's quest in two ways, one is that it needs rescuing and two as a favor to the owner, Link has to walk him. This proves to be a good idea for it can destroy monsters that Link can take on. Could it Exist in real life?  Yes and no, while the chain chomp itself is impossible to make. (unless you know the right splicer.) The animal itself is a mix between two. One is a piranha due to its lack of limbs and it's razor sharp teeth and the other is a dog..  As for why Bow Wow would attack monsters, it''s pretty obvious. why because Dogs will defend owners and or those they trust enough to go near. This I know from experience.

Now since it's short I will put one more thing about the game that could be possible in real life.  While it is a game and Link can always come back since its in the dream world.  However had he not awaken the windfish he would have died on the long run. For while you can not die in your dreams, you can still die while dreaming.  He was knocked unconscious on an island, with no way of waking to get food, shelter, or water.  If he had been sleeping for more than a week starvation, dehydration and depending on the weather hypothermia and/or heat stroke would have killed him painfully.  This gives a whole new meaning to the word Link's Awakening.  For this time, he wasn't fighting to save the world, or the princess.  He was fighting to save himself.

As usual argue, debate and let me know if I missed anything.  Stay tuned for Ocarina of Time.

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